Thursday, October 19, 2006

Might as well, Can't Dance

Growing up as (not sure exactly) a multi generation Southern Baptist, one thing is for sure, NO DANCING!
This year I learned of a bit of humor my parents used in college at CBU. Basically the answer to any question that involved a choice, they would answer, "Might as well, can't dance!" I find this funny and have actually used it in conversation with my brothers.
Well most of you know they are building my new store down here in Chula Vista and we only have 8 days to go. Because of the mall growing all around us and safety standards, in order to visit my location I have to have a hard hat. So, when it came to my head wear, would it be plain or ordinary or would I decorate it? Might as well, can't dance.

It definitley got some looks on the construction site, more so than just being a girl in a hard hat which is odd enough there.

This hard had was essential and I again showed the wisdome of my mother on Monday. I was having issues with my management team and had to come down to SD a day early. But though I was upset my mom again made me remember, that God has a purpose behind everything. I walked out the door that morning saying "I know." Yet I did not know what the purpose was.
I found out!
I get to my store and there is still no electrcity, which means, no computers, which means no merchandise, and everything is gonna be crazy because I leave for 4 days on Friday. I was able to contact the important people and get all that under control and remake all our plans. If I had not been there I would not have known and not been able to get our team back on the same page and rescheduled for the adventure ahead. All is well and in good hands.

Now I have to pack and do paperwork for tomorrow at 4 am I leave for my grand St. Louis trip. I know God has a purpose I just gotta keep my eyes open.

Ah, Technology

I appologize for being cut off from the world. My power supply in my laptop totally died and I had no acess. Many potential blogs did come across my mind in the weeks that passed but, I was unable to get them on here. There were attempts but about half way ( or sooner) my computer would decide it wanted to shut off anf all was lost and I was frustrated. Sorry But I'm back.