Friday, May 11, 2007

I survived

I met the MOM, and the family. It was cool and it was a great trip. I even got to see his moms shoe collection. well half of it. the fall/winter shoes are put away in the garage. Wii played video games with the whole family. Brian got asked why his hair was 2 colors by his 5 year old cousin. I got put in my place by her 3 year old brother, apparently his muscles are bigger than both Brian's and mine. We had BBQ and homemade Pie. Church on Sunday and a long drive home. Besides Granny I am not totally sure what they think of me, but we all made it through the weekend and I think everyone had fun.

Best of all I got to feel like being with Brian all the time was NORMAL. It is hard being away from him sometimes, especially this week and I am not totally sure why. But I guess I should be thankful that I at least get to see him on a regular basis.

A typical date.. never typical when you are dating a geek.
I love Brian but at times I seem to step back a bit and truly realize how geeky he is. But I like it so I guess i am kinda geeky too.
So since I am involved with a guy with such interests we obviously do some pretty unique things.
Yeah typical date may be movie, snack and an activity. That may be for most people.
Here is the Ultimate geek date we went on a couple weeks ago.
Movie:3-D Imax about the Ocean
Snack: Astronaut Ice cream
Activity: Star Wars Museum complete with live characters. Yes, Darth Vader was there.

The funniest part (or best part, Brian thinks.) This was all MY Idea.
Should I be afraid? I guess I am okay as long as I am not speaking Klingon.

I had a great time though and I really like doing things that make Brian excited. I love him and anything I can do to spend time with him and make him happy is pretty cool with me.
Don't worry I am not a treker....yet.

Same keeper, New Shoes

Wow! It has been a month. I am so very sorry. here is a update and I hope I can keep up from now on.
I am having a great time at the zoo and getting to do more and more every week. Today I learned how to care for the new meerkat and the Brown Pelicans, I will be all alone doing it on Monday. I am Being Trained on the S. American Primate String, basically lots of little monkeys. even two kinds with Red Hair!
I love it. It fits. Yes the Park the zoo is in is Burning but God kept the Zoo and the animals safe, thanks for your prayers and worries. I have officially been at the zoo for over 5 years and I just bought my first new pair of new work footwear since I first started. My old boots were literally coming apart at the seams. And wouldn't you know when I am supposed to be deciding on a pair of functional footwear i find myself sitting and contemplating over which pair to choose based on how CUTE they are. odd huh, why do you need cute shoes to step in poop with? I dunno but I guess I do. I think Brian's mom would understand.
Well I bought my summer shoes as I like to think of them, because they will look better with shorts on those 100+ degree days.
I like my shoes, but had an issue when buying them. I am cheap! It is really hard for me to spend money, especially on myself. I used to run and I pride myself on the fact that I never spent over $40 on a pair of shoes. I hunt for bargains and don't usually care about brand names. Even though these were necessary safety equipment for work I was having a problem with the price. I sat for almost 10 min trying to decide weather or no to buy these things, but in the end I did. $60, on sale. That is officially the most I have ever spent on a single pair of shoes EVER.
I like them and I find myself admiring them as I wander the zoo (especially since it has been quiet and closed to the public the last 2 days.) I will have my short debut tomorrow seeing as how it is getting way too hot, and Brian will be coming to visit in the afternoon.
Now I just have to enjoy them and hope they will last a year or so. but I still have to find some Winter shoes, I better start saving!