Thursday, December 27, 2007


92 Days!!
That is right. Brian actually has a counter.
I will no longer be who I have been for the last 28 years in just 3 months.

yes I am excited, I get stressed a little bit every so often but, it seems the closer this day seems to get I get sad.

I like being RLR, I like my unique spelling RHOnda RHOades. I get a little sad that I am loosing that. I like confusing people or getting the little cool comments about my name. I feel lucky having the name I do. I am excited to get married, I do want to take Brian's name and become Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, but I mourn my identity a little.

To move away from my family, not that I am there much now, but to become something else is a little weird and scary. I know they will still be there for me but there are a few things that will loose. I will miss my random TV time with just me and Paul. I will miss my random talks with Sam and our archery time. I won't have my random monday night TV shows with my mom. My dad won't be there when I am up at 5 am and walk me to my car. It is weird to think about it all right now.
I loved growing up to be who I am and I know technically I am just becoming more of who Christ wants me to be. But I just get a little sad.

Oh the joys of the season

Who says the fun with the wrapping has to end once it is off the present?

Not Tes and I obviously.

While the rest of Brian's family watch the boys play wii star wars, we entertained ourselves with photo booth and bows.

She wanted to stick every scrap of wrapping to her face after a while. Eventually it had to stop because of another family engagement to go to.

Brian and I made it up north and are having a nice visit and a bit of rest. (not much with the new wii games though).

I even have gotten to see and smell the dairys around town(yes I actually asked Brian to roll down the windows as we drove by) . I miss them a little but I am glad to be close to my family more.