Friday, July 25, 2008

Like reuniting with an old friend

I love this site and it has been way too long since my last visit.

In my brain recovery/veg time after work today I went for a visit.
Now there are lots of new videos since my last romp around the site sometime before I got married.

One of the cool things you can do is suggest things for them to blend. well about a year ago, Brian and I made a suggestion and today i found out that they listened. 

Ahhh, it is nice to see your ideas in motion!

Zookeeper appreciation Continues

Here is a lovely picture of Me with Dottie the Clouded Leopard on my lap. Pretty cool.

Well one of the coolest things I found this week was a package of fruit snacks and a little note from my mom. Thank you for the special zookeeper week surprise it really was special!! 

Never has it been done before

So today is system administrator day!!!

woo hoo, don't miss the parade.

So I made special Unix and debian (amoung others) cookies for my husband and his crew at work!


It's system administrator appreciation day. I appreciated mine did you appreciate yours.

I accidentally posted just the title and my siblings took it the wrong way. 


look at the other post.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ah a week for me.

July 20-26th 2008 is National Zookeeper appreciation week. 

Woo hoo! a whole week to honor those who like me, scoop exotic poop.

It has been a nice week so far filled with free food and a bit of fun but boy was I exhausted yesterday (my friday).

I am now working on a special project for my husbands one day ( no week for him) of appreciation.

Friday July 25th this year is System administrator day. I guess I should make some specialness crammed into one day for him.

Well I should get working so I can get my projects done. 

Go appreciate someone today!!