Monday, March 05, 2007

Striking resemblance

In my new career I have lots of time to contemplate odd things. It it nesting season in my area and so we are trying to make it seem like love is in the air to get all our birds to brood up and make some chicks.
Well, one of my lonely secluded days at the zoo I was taking care of one of my regulars, the congo peafowl. In my moments in the exhibit I was admiring the males blond crest and suddenly was feeling like I had seen it before. Take a look.

Now I know I am crazy at times but the one at my zoo has his a little shorter but just as blode and pointy as this one.For some totally strange reason it reminded me of Brian's hair.

What do you think? Am I totally bonkers? Now, lets keep the comments to this situations insanity, we all know I am overall a little loopy. What do you expect, I like to scoop poop!