Friday, November 03, 2006

Stress relief

haa haa, this was some good quality time with my brother Sam. This is what happens when they send the wrong thing to the wrong location.

No more Maltipoo!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From the mouths of babes!

Working at Build a Bear you always get refreshing little conversations and a reminder about how simple life would be, simply by talking to Kids.
Today began a much needed pause in my crazy new store and position. I have two days off and decided I needed to head up (even though I always say down) to be with my family and be AWAY.
My two hour drive got a little tough so I called my sister for a stimulating phone conversation that would keep me awake as I drove. R3 and I chatted and then my 2 year old nephew Samuel stepped in.

Here is a picture of him making a silly face (see my mom in the background for reference)

Now I can't have a deep conversation with him unless it revolved around the blue truck he was trying to show me over the phone, but I played along and it was fun. His responses when audible are generally yeah, yes, no and I don't know or a vroom sound coming in regards to the truck.
I then decided I would talk to him about me being tired. I told him how I was really tired and asked if I should take a nap. He said yes, on a mat. I snickered a bit and then was prepared to go onto another topic. Well Samuel was determined to help Auntie Rhonda. He set the phone down and suddenly left. My sister thought his mind had turned from the conversation and he was on to bigger and better things ( yes there are things better than talking to me, shocking I know).
But lickety split he was back and ready to help. He had gone to the living room and grabbed his baby brother's nap mat and brought it in for me. He then took the phone and laid it on the mat so I could rest. Without skipping a beat he was there to make me feel better.
Boy, after working 8 days straight and sleeping about 4 hours a night and doing nothing else but working, this was the best thing that could have happened. The simplicity and the care was exactly the right balance and defenetly was a highlight to my day, well, that and the nap I took about 20 min later once I got to my parents house!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sleep, what is sleep?

Well my store is open, and boy has it been an adventure. We jammed through and got my store ready enough to open by Friday morning. I was making each days schedule the night before. I have such great BB's that they took it all in stride and with a great attitude. We have been blowing away the goals our company set which is always exciting. I have my own mini Disney right here in San Diego County.
The only struggle with all of this is my lack of rest. Last weekend was my St. Louis trip and due to time changes and other personal activities I did not get enough rest. then I came off that to drive up to say goodbye to Jaclyn, my best friend, because she was moving to Israel and left Tuesday night. That was tough.
Wednesday was my amazing b-day/shipment, and I am soo thankful for a HUGE back room. I worked like a 14 hour day, and really have not stopped with less than a 12 hour day since. I am exhausted physically but my body clock still wakes up at obnoxious hours.
Today I am taking a half day but the other half of my day is my sanity time, nothing is organized or labeled or drilled up in my back room, and I am gonna go crazy. So if God gives me the chance I am using my time off to... yea... work. I am such the wrong person to be on salary. I think when it is all over and done I will be making essentially 3.50 per hour.
I can't wait to get through my 1st week see what our typical traffic is and be able to actually rest!!

the best thing about being busy in regards to my back room is that boxes are slowly disapearing and there is less for me to deal with. Thanks for all your prayers they really help.

Missing home often, but I am excited for work.

No Un-Birthday here

(this was written on Wed. Oct. 25th-computer would not allow me to post it)

Yep, Yep, it is official, I am 27! It is kinda surreal. The funny thing is how much older it seems than 26. It is no longer just a touch older than 25. I know it is no big deal, but it is kind a weird.

Thanks to where my store issues have landed me I have a high stress and extra busy birthday. I get to go and receive all my stores merchendise and supplies TODAY!! and then I get to write 2 schedules tonight.
At least it should be fun having lots of people around, but it is work none the less. So, Happy Birthday to me and pray for my sanity, that it will not be replace with senillity.