Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A girls best friend.....oops

I am not a jewlery person. Most of what I wear is just colorful costume type neclaces and the occasional bracelet. I did get a perl neclace when I graduated college from my sitster Rebecca and ejoy that when I have the right chance to wear it. That was the crowning piece of my collection for at least 4 years.
Some of you know I do officially now have two Tiffany neclaces now, which sounds so foreign to my lifestyle, but each were gifts. They actually fit well with my personalliy and I wear them regualrly. I guess I am more high end then I claim to be.
Well, a couple years ago a guest left a bracelet in my store for over 6 months. We never received a call or a person hunting for it. I thought it was just a silver bracelet with little cubic zerconia. after admiring it and aeeing how it was homeless, I finally took it and gave it a good home. I have enjoyed wearing said bracelet and often get compliments on it from which I usually reveal my source of receipt with a little chuckle.
About a two weeks ago I got the opportunity to go to the zoo and work. I forgot to take my bracelet off at home and not thinking more of it had it on as I dealt with every regular and dirty activity a normal day includes. Well Dorothy, my dear friend and the zookeeper I often work with, saw it & thought it was pretty. I revealed how I got it. She then looked closer and said that she thought it was real diamonds. I kinda lost my breath. she tole me how to get it checked and I have been wondering until today.
While just wandering my mall today after my meeting I mentioned this and so Karrie, one of my managers, decided we would do just that. We walked over to ZALES and the gentle man gladly took my bracelet to test. He returned and non challantly said, it is real. I couldnt say anything but WOW. Karrie had to put it back on me and answer the gentleman with his friendly questions.
I now want to be slightly more careful with it and will not wear it to the zoo, but it is coming for story telling tonight to bible study and mini golf.
So, the question is, since I now own a diamond bracelt, can I still claim to not be a jewlery person? We will se how life continues. I guess I should be fulfilled having every girls best friend.

-We counted last night at bible study. The total came to 39. 5 clusters of 7 in the shape of daisy's and then 4 larger stones dispersed between the clusters. I am still in shock.