Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Put me out of my Missourri

Ah well a weekend in the show me state was well....interesting. it was tough being a Southern California native and not going outside for 3 days straight, runs from the bus to the hotel and vise versa do not count because it was 45 degrees.
My First Chief meeting was pretty stinkin cool. lots of great new things and really it makes yo feel special and more a part of the company.
I did not enjoy leaving behind my spoild california life of no indoor smoking-gag!! My room smelled horrible BUT I loved the view from my window (above).
Here is proof it was not a poast card- Julie and I posed well I think.

I am totally messed up from the time zone swap and am very much looking forward to the extra hour this saturday night. I could probobly use it more today than otherwise but I will enjoy it whenever it may come.

I am glad to be home but getting a little nervous about the next few days!! 74 hours and counting till my store opens!!