Thursday, October 07, 2010


I know it does not go with Yoda's philosophy but that is another blog.

I know my last blog was rather depressing, so I figured I should at least make myself feel a little better. I also am going to try and be a little more current with my postings. I figured with November being national blog post month, or as Brian pointed out NaBloPoMo, that getting in the habit now may lead to a more successful time then.

Things are good. I am almost done with my ornithology course, one chapter left. The best part about that besides my time being freed up, is that I get my $300 back, that I spent to do it. I am feeling good about the course because only 1 other girl at work and I are at this point. We have even passed up the person that started the same course 3 years ago.

Just as I mention the idea of time being freed up I should bring up the re emergence of activities that went dormant for the summer. our young marrieds bible study group began meeting again, as well as my ladies bible study that meets thursday mornings. I enjoy both but they definitely will take some schedule adjusting.
Our Married study got moved to Brian and my date night. We have been better at being regular with date night and this is a commitment we hope to keep for the rest of our marriage. It has been great having a committed night in which to enjoy being datey with each other, not being errand filled or complicated by tasks and such. We will just have to adjust to our new night, which we already did this week.
My ladies study also has a new twist in that I am part of the leadership team this year. I am enjoying it and totally see how God can and is using me in this position. He is also using it to keep me from procrastinating and stay organized which is a new challenge for me. I am doing really well so far. I just have to pray I can keep up with it truly the whole year through. This leadership part has changed Brian and I's morning time together on thursdays, one of our only mornings together, but I think we will be just fine.
We are getting ready for one of best times of year for Brian and I . Halloween. We really like to have cool costume set ups. I love to put them together and modify pieces to make it cooler. I love getting the cool costume compliments. I just like feeling super cool on Halloween and I love that my husband likes it too. We like to be pairs or couples and so far have tried to stay with the red head girl theme. Here are some past hits.

Our first halloween together!
Jack Skellington and Sally
Nightmare before Christmas
See, even zero our trusty ghost dog floated ahead of us as we wandered the neighborhood.
2008 was the emergence of
Peter and Lois Griffin
The Family Guy
I love Brian's Chin, it worked out pretty well.

The Riddler and Poison Ivy
villans from the Batman series

The best part about this one is with a few updates it has become Brian's proudly worn Comic con outfit.

So I am super excited for Halloween this year. I am getting all my bits and pieces together and hopefully will get to make it as cool as I dream for the grand evening. Any ideas as to who we are gonna be?