Thursday, February 25, 2010

The one I love

I love you Brian!
I guess I am just feeling mushy lately. All the events in our life recently have made me truly fall more for my husband and feel blessed. Yes he is a Geek, and boy can he be stubborn or cocky in public. But I have realized how special it is when we are alone. My real husband shows up. The one who laughs so hard at tiny jokes he can't stop and almost cries. The one who will put on a white button up shirt just to make me feel special. The one I can have intelligent conversations with and then play wii right after. The one who I can ask any question about the bible or faith subjects and he can spurt it out with great knowledge and depth as well as some specific scripture to go with it, it floors me and excites me every time. The one who makes me feel like and amazingly beautiful woman even when I am sure the mirror won't agree. And he is always up for a good snuggle, whether it is with me or the cat or both, which is pretty regular.
I love him and love being his helper. Being the one God made to fit with him and his specific needs. I love all the quirky things that make us the Bennetts.
We have had an awesome couple weeks and he has been an awesome partner in it all. whether it is house work. my homework or our fabulous nights together like the globetrotters and our home done valentines.
I know we are still considered newly weds and really have not had great struggles and strifes but we have also done a lot of hard work to get there.
Among all this I have also been reminded in almost every aspect of my life how great it was all the preparation we have done in our marriage. We both worked on ourselves with God before we even met. Then we got engaged we did our pre marital counseling. We also did a study during our first year of marriage called "love and Respect" and wow did we learn some awesome things that we use and bring up often. Then our financial study with Crown Financial. And now we are in a new couples bible study. I love the time we spend together doing these things but I also love when we can see how awesome our learning together has been and how strong we are as a couple.
I don't know if this is even a coherent blog but I just needed to gush a little and this seemed like an okay place to do so.
I know God made Brian special and had great plans for him even before he made the Earth. I am so thankful that God made me to fit into that plan. To share in the adventure. Thank you God.