Wednesday, October 03, 2007

as the wedding world turns

sometimes life feels like a soap opera. but right now it is okay.
Brian got his braces off today. I have yet to see him but am excited.

I have not gotten a great deal of wedding stuff done but tomorrow will help knock out a few.
Having a dress fitting. Meeting with Don at church.

We just got our engagement Photos back. not bad. My friend took them,
it was fun.
My biggest cloud in my brain at the moment is figuring out the Flowers. I am a little nervous and going a little blank. Not sure what to get who to go to or anything. any suggestions throw them my way.

the zoo is well and I have not been officially placed anywhere but did visit the zoo library for the first time. I got 3 macropod books ( also known to the regular world as kangaroos and wallaby's)

Gotta run Brian is almost here and I get to see his teeth for the first time.