Friday, September 08, 2006

A bit of sad reality

I have decided that pay days are not exciting for me. They are just the days I get to pay more bills and realize that I have enough to survive for the next two weeks.
The saddest part is that today was the first day with my new raise. OH joy. I just hope I can make it okay. I feel like I am barganing through my budget. I am just relying on the fact that God will get me through.
Well, off to the store to buy my limited groceries to at least have some kind of fuel to run off of these next 2 weeks, well actually the next month. Oh dear October, come quickly for some financial breathing room.......I think.

Catching my breath

My two days at my new job had gone fairly well. My ant problem was in a cease fire mode. I even got to experience some of the social activities in San Diego with an old college friend.
But I guess I was not meant to relax just yet.
As many of you know my former roomate's father died suddenly this last weekend. Well, at 9pm Wednesday night I was informed that the service was 9:30 am Thursday morning in Brentwood ( ritzy LA). Man that put a big wrench in my commitments for work and my sleep time. Well, somehow I was able to get it all situated and make a sudden and long trip out to be there for my friend and her family. It was a nerve filled day and emotionally draining as well.
But as of 7am todayI arrived hoping to have a relaxing day off only to find the troops attacking again in full force only in a different part of my tiny abode. errr.
So the attack and clean up continues.
My team seemed to do okay solo yesterday even though I was MIA.

Well today is a new day and actually a day OFF!!
gotta catch my breath now before the whole race to hire and open a store starts again.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well I arrived in one piece at the bright hour of 3am this morning. I thought a quick set up of a litter box and food dish refill would do, and then off to catch at least 3 hours sleep would be the perfect plan.
Well I arrived only to discover that I had house guests MILLIONS of them. This was one of the largest yet most organized invasions I have seen. All over a sealed container of cat food.
So in the hopes of getting sleep I opted to let them roam until this evening when I came at them with full force hoping to either force a retreat or an extermination. I am not picky as to which as long as one happens. It has been about 30 min and not much change but I will see the change in the morning hopefully and I pray it will be much better.

My first day went well except for the fact that none of the materials we were supposed to have for our planning meeting have arrived. God is just keeping me on my feet.

Monday, September 04, 2006

And Away we go...

Well off I go to my big change and move down to the deep south of California. It is a big change for me to totally leave my support of family and friends but, I am excited for the new adventure that God is sending me on.
I just have a few last minuite things then my final road trip, for a while down to Chula Vista, will be at hand.
I am glad I have made some awesome friends and in a way extended my family here in orange county and will defenetly miss them, especially since they made my fairwell so memorable. Well I'm off to start the adventure and will keep you all posted.