Thursday, July 10, 2008

okay I am alive

Yeah I know I seemed to have disappeared off the planet.

I guess Really I got swallowed up by Sand Diego
 county and have finally emerged.

so here are some quick up dates,
      I am doing okay at my zoo job. I am learning a ton and getting lots of new experiences. I do miss working with the mammals a little though. I have had to start doing exercises   after work due to my decreased lugging, not as much raking and no wheelbarrows needed.
Brian and I are still not sick of each other even after almost 4 months together.
Our home, guest room included is finally organized and feels so nice to have things with a place.
My car is paid off thanks to Brain's company getting purchased.

I am becoming more iPhone savvy, oh no my husband is rubbing off.

I miss church and my social life. When I do get to go to church it is Saturday nights and I don't know anyone, except my husband who normally sits with me.

I guess I will post a picture.
This is from our honeymoon but many think it should represent a true bad hair day. This is why conditioner was invented.