Saturday, December 09, 2006

Do I know you?

Last night I went to the ballet. It was pretty neat. I found myself entranced at times with how big some of the dancers calf muscles were. yep that is how me and my random mind go.
I had a good time and of course lots of conversation.

As I was talking to my company of the evening I hit upon a common occurance in my life. People at church joke that you are only 3 degrees of seperation from Rhonda and it alswyas comes out in the funniest ways but often poses true, especially in the southern baptist realm.
Well last night at intermission I was not really expecting to find any kind of past link between us. Then out it popped. Durring intermission we got back into our conversations and I was telling him how we had gone to several churches growing up. Well I had discussed this before but it was not until I used the church Name, Truett, did he suddenly perk up and put my story on hold.

the creeepy discovery is that I had met his great aunt and not only that is that she was my oldest sisters piano teacher. Creepy yet cool as it usually is.

So The night was good as was the information I wonder who I will meet next of whome I am already connected to.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Following by example

Okay, some may disagree and most will laugh and just shake their head but here is a little information and kinda a thought of my day.

First some background. The WWJD campaign really came out when I was just starting college. I understood the meaning but never jumped on the bracelet bandwagon. I am famous for my not worth a chuckle jokes and humor. So thinking in that mind frame here are a couple things or ways I know you can be like Jesus.
So today I was very tired and was very thankful to have the opportunity to take a nap, it rocked. Well basically I had a sudden thought, " Wow, I am so thankful Jesus took naps in the bible too!"
He is a wise Lord indeed, and I will gladly follow His ways, especially after how much better I felt when I woke up.

This thought brought up a past corney statment of mine from the past. If you leave the front door open behind you, my family often will make the comment, "Where you born in a BARN" though I did later live in one it did not help my cause or circumstance. Until my eppiffany one day. I realized when some one said that you could respond, "No but I trying to be more like Jesus."
Okay it is pretty bad and not so funny but I can't help but crack a little smile and my revelation. The nice thing is that I know Jesus still loves me even with my lack of humorous ability.

Flannel sheets

Due to the encouragement of my dear friend Jaclyn I decided to get myself some flannel sheets. It helped that I could get thewhole queen size set in a color I liked for $20. I bought them in honor of my birthday back in october but had yet to try them...that is until last night.
Yesterday before my shift I spent some time cleaning and reorganinzing my small cubby of a room. Mostly due to my want to clean out and empty my car in case I had to give Gary (from church) a ride to the airport, which did indeed happen.
Well in my state of reorganization I decided it might be a good chance to impliment the sheets. I had heard good things from several people and due to the chill in the air and my lack of natual body insulation, I hoped these might prove to be extra cozy. They indeed were.

The only problem is I only got to sleep for 2 hours inorder to get up for prayer meeting this morning. I think I may be turning in extra early tonight to fully enjoy my investment.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Not totally oblivious

Well I have been having a great time hanging out and meeting new people with my new church.
One particular new accuaintance happens to be of the male pursuasion. When I met him a week ago at bible study I had a little hunch that he might like me. Well we have gotten the opportunity to talk several times in a group setting so far. I have enjoyed the conversations and it is always nice to get to know new people.
Last night we got to hang out and chat one on one with some hot beverages in hand. Good times and good information. It was good and long as my chats tend to be.

Tonight was bible study yet again and yet another meeting with said gentleman. At the end of the evening schedules were swapped. We realized I had Friday evening free and now I think I have a DATE!!
He asked if I would want to go to the theatre and I said sure (thinking with my feeble mind-a movie) and he came back with "well I will try and pick you up" and "we will go to the Ballet, so dress up a bit" WOW.
Haa I know I can be a bit ignorant about these things at time but I am pretty sure this constitutes a date especially since I am pretty sure it is not a group adventure.

I am now stuck due to my recent revelation as to what to wear and I get to experience the Ballet for the first time. Oh what new adventures will I come upon next.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ah, the Perks

A great deal of hard work goes into running a store and on top of that it is not so easy being away from my family and good friends. Yes, things are better but it is always nice to look at the perks of where I am.
Being the Chief at a store where half my employees are mexican I get real homemade mexican food as a treat from their moms. Ahh delicious. I just thougth I would put a little note on how awesome that is before I go into a happiness coma after scarfing down to tamales that Karina brought to me at work today!! I was a little sad that there was enough to share, haa haa.