Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the perks

Even with all the lack of sleep and long days , things like this almost make it all worth it. one week old baby Sumatran tiger cubs. I totally stayed late to play with them.

So cute yet ferrocious, haa haa
Now that is the cool stuff God gives me the opportunity to do!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Maybe one day this will be in my vocabulary other than in the prase, "I don't get to rest."

God keeps me going though and oddly though I am in a never ending state of exhaustion I am doing well.
The zoo is going well I am now one of the Koala Keepers, and they are super cute. We are going to get tazmanian devils by the end of the year so that will be cool to. No zoo's in USA have any right now.
I have man hands. Well at least mechanic hands. Thanks to the zoo I have calliced palms and fingers. Lots of scabs from slicing my fingers and every wrinkle in my hand is defined by black which seems to be permanent. probobly from the hoses. My finger nails are in a semi permanent state of dirty. Sorry Brian. I tend to get into the modes of I don't care, but right now I kinda do. It just means I have to take some of my rest time, if any, to work on them a bit.
Build a Bear has kinda fizzled out for me and is basically just something I do to make ends meet and to make myself tired. This kinda makes me sad because it should never have been that way. I used to love my job and the company and never imagined ever leaving or getting over it. But I might be.
Brian and I have been on our toes and on the road a lot lately. I have been a regular train passenger on a weekly basis and Brian has been willing to come and spend his weekends in LA with me even though I work everyday. Thank you those little times mean a lot. Just being able to pretend to be normal and make dinner at home is nice. Not worrying about when I will get to see him again or how much I am driving and if I will stay awake. I miss going to church with him and I am glad that he is willing to stay so we can go together even if it means taking 7 freeways and coming with a dirt covered girlfriend.
The next weekends should be nice. I have them off but in typical me fashion they are jam packed and will add to my exhaustion. A wedding in the mountains complete with camping this will be nice but it means we have to drive back from mount shasta in one day. 12 hours to San diego for Brian. and Special Olympics this weekend. I have not gotten to go to a single meet this season due to my zoo schedule but I am excited and will be so very tired on sunday afternoon when we go to see my family for fathers day and june b-days. Ah!! when does it stop?
I know God is the only reason I make it through this week after week and I am thankful that He is who I talk to first thing in the morning and all throughout my long days. He has been doing so much in my life this year and I enjoy every moment I suddenly see a bit more of his plan. It makes the tiredness go away sometimes. He is the one who gave me the ability to sleep soundly at any moment I was comfy so my body could rest and pretend to handle all that I do. I just need to find a way to be a little less comfortable when I am driving.