Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my cool shoes

look at what I made
I love it.
So far i will now have at least 3 pairs of shoes to wear at my wedding. Brian's mom will be Proud.

Brian has Groom converse too. When they are done I will post a picture.


Well I am planning a Bonfire fun celebration for Saturday night the 28th at Huntington State Beach. I would love it if all my buds could come (You). I am going today to scope out and see what pits I want but I just wanted to get the word out. I have to work and won't get there till 6pm but I will have family there. and the fire will be ready. Prepare yourself for a fun beach time with hot dogs, smores and sand.
I will try to limit the never ending sand soccer games, we have had in the past but who knows.
Brian and I just want to have a good time with everyone and celebrate what is happeneing, and get my friends together from my neck of the woods that may not know him the best.
If you could let me know if you can/can't make it that would be cool so I can have a good munchie count.

see you soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

So True

Look at what I am marrying