Friday, February 02, 2007

A very pricey car wash

well I got my car back minus the dents and a whole lot of dirt. I think 3500 is a bit much for a car wash, so I don't think I will try and do that again.

I also had a fabulous week so far.

I finally got to tell everyone at build a bear about the zoo. It was hard not being able to talk about it. I still have to find my replacement but I do have some potential canidates.

I had my physical (drug test) last week and everything cleared and I got my starting date confirmed as the 18th. it is a sunday but I will probobly make it to evening service. It will be pretty cool to finally be a real paid employee. Brian is happy that I will still be in town for Valentines day, but I totally guessed what he was planning to get me. He has to learn that this red head is not so oblivious. :)

Also along the lines of build a bear, God really has made some great things happen. Sam and I are gonna be able to work in the same store. (which is normally against the rules if one is a manager and the other is not). Also my part time pay rate is not as horribly bad as I was expecting it to be. Thank you God for taking care of all of it. so I will have sign in piveleges to Disneyland if you need a hook up give me a call.

New things are happening with the upper room which are pretty cool. It has given me the opportunity to get to know some people more deeply. The wednesday study at Brian's house is gonna go through Neahmiah in a verse by verse study and then the womens group last night was a great time of coloring, sharing and prayer.

Tomorrow is paint ball with my family and Brian is coming. I hope he survives. I am honestly a little worried, but I am sure it will be fine in the end. I am also gonna start the moving process yet again. it is nice having only one room of things to move. I just have to get motivated and actually get it moved. I am lanning on dumping some in my brother's truck tomorrow and send it home with him.
I am still not sure where to live. I think my mom is just expecting me to come home, which is fine. My grandma would love to have me at her house whihc works out pretty equal distance from the zoo. the Disney treck is a bit farther but if it helps my grandma feel less lonely it is worth it.
It will be nice to be back home but I will miss some things here in San Diego County, and I know some will miss me.