Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh the confirmation

This story takes some background info.
I love Brian. 
Part of why I love him is because of who he is, extreme geek and all.
He is into sci-fi, computers, comics, video games and internet. All these things he is very passionate and knowledgeable about. These things make him who he is and who I love. 

now onto the recent confirmation.
My mother and I discovered this new show called "the big bang theory" on CBS. it is basically about the lives of 4 very awkward and grown men who are severe geeks. It is a very funny show and often some of what they do is very close to Brian's interests.

    This morning I watched an episode from a couple weeks ago. The topic was about arranged marriages. At one point all the guys started reminiscing about fiddler on the roof. I guess this is a topic in that musical. They all of a sudden wanted to rent it, and then they were overly excited by the fact that one of the guys already owned the special edition. They all were way too excited about it.
     Well Brain and I watched the episode together and then he had to go get ready for work. I had not linked him to the geeks in the episode at that point. Then it happened.

As Brian walked from the couch towards his room, he stopped. He reached down and pulled out a DVD and said if you want to watch fiddler I have it right it, it is good.  

I could not help but laugh. he was like them. 
But I still really love him.        Maybe I will watch it!