Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As most of you know Brian's hair color is not currently the color that grows out of his scalp. I often bug him about changing it back to his natural color. Now this would be interesting except there is a bit of fear in me as to whether I will still like how he looks with brown hair. I Want to give it a chance. I have bugged him more recently about it and I think he is actually considering it. So today on my day off I fiddled with a new techy tool, thanks to said Boy. and I want your opinion.
Below you will find 2 pictures. One with the current style, and one as a result of my very bad editing skills (not the best but it will do).
I want you to vote, leave a comment and tell me, what color is better for Brian. This should be fun!
this is how he looks now.

this is how he COULD look in the future. Hopefully if he does grow it out it won't look so much like chocolate pudding.
Please VOTE.

Will it blend?

this is my new favorite website and I enjoy watching every trial. hey sometimes you just need some mindless entertainment, especially after a 9 day work week.