Friday, December 29, 2006

Is my mission completed?

well yesterday was a lovely day for several reasons.
I got to see my best friend Jessica for the first time in a year. It is always nice to be with someone you totally connect with.
Brian came back and we got to share some time and some cookies while I was on break at work.
and for all of you BABW peeps just so you know I have been officially notified that our guitars are actially bass guitars for the bears. Ah, I have enlightened you all.

One of the most exciting and most confusing parts of my day happened between initial contact with Jessica and gettting to see Brian. I got a call from the zoo, and I officially have an interview for January 9th at 2pm (start praying please)This is for a half time position but hey it is a position.
So here God may flip me around yet again. It makes me wonder did God send me, like all of you assume, to meet someone and now that I have completed that He is sending me home? It is still over a week away and I am still very giddy about the whole thing but it is kinds sad to me too. Just as things at my store are getting great and just as I find a nice church and a nice gentleman, I might leave.
Brian is kinda sad but we are gonna enjoy the time till we find out what God is doing exactly. so today we are gonna go and dork it up respectivley. I am gonna get to see a huge room with servers in it, and then we are gonna go to the San Diego zoo so I can overwhelm him with my random animal excitement.
So pray please and I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Why don't sheep shrink in the rain?

If I knew I might have used that information to prevent myself from accidentally shrinking my sweater last night. oops!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Family time and tight jeans

well it has been nice having two days with my family. This time of year does not usually run smooth but regardless I enjoy every moment I have with my family.

Hanging out on my brothers bed in the morning, taking a nap on my other brothers bed in the after noon. Going to see a movie and just hang out with no particular plans. Just being with each other and being the big sister God made me to be.
Amidst all the fun I have a lot of laundry to do so in order to Go to said movie in public I had to trow on my old pair of wranglers. Those that have not known me since college I did have a little barn girl in me and I owned one pair of those cowgirl tight jeans. It was my last resort and luckily they still fit! (as good as wranglers should) It is an odd feeling and a rush of college memories came back when I first donned said denim leg coverings but I guess this is the time of year for memories so it is appropriate.

I test drove my new years dress yesterday and was not sure what the overall impression was of it. in fact the only comments I got were, one that they liked my shoes, and my uncle saying I looked hot (creepy!) So if you have any input I would greatly appreciate it.

Well my time has gone faster than hoped and I will miss my family by tomorrow night. Back to the crazy world of stuffing of which I am a part of.

And it is a good thing I am finishing my laundry because I think I might loose circulation from these jeans if I wear them too long.