Friday, December 01, 2006

The nativity on the silver screen

Well I got to see it last night with all my fellow church going folk. Our church is really into because our pastor Dr. Jeremiah has written a sermon seris, a book and a tract all to go around this new movie.
Besides that fact that I have found out with each even that this group really needs help in their panning and executing events. If mid cities college and career group had one to a movie we would have had more than 6 people there and this group is about 5 times bigger. Maybe I will be able to help in that way.

Ok on the the movie! It was to quote my new church friend Kelly, "Special". haa haa.
Most of the movie was about Mary's life and what she went thru and all that which I thought was fairly accurate is at least a good glimps. Like many supposedly bible based big screen productions there were a few things I myself knew were a little wrong.

They did not have Gabriel stand beside the altar and speak to Zacchariah. it was just a voice in the incense. (I guess this looks cooler than a guy standing there).

They did have the maji show up at the same time as the shepheards at the place of birth even though they did not meet with herod until after jesus had been born but that does not take away from the story too much. along the lines of maji again they skipped the dream telling them not to go back to Herrod. They just made it an inkling.

Just on my own note period. There is never a mention of a donkey in the bible for this event but I guess it was normal way to travel if you have to take your wife 100 miles.

I was a little sad that they tried to explain the star. they said it was two planets and a star all comig together. that would have been fine but as you can tell even in the movie they had great star records and logs and venus and saturn did not align and make a star it would have been in the records. i researched this about 4 years ago and there is no expliation for it except an act of the Lord. But I guess it is easier to explain it with fake science in a movie.

I was glad they did not make Mary a sinless girl like the catholic church protrays her. She had a little attitude at time and I was glad they showed her a s a real girl. A little strong willed but hey, realistic in my view.

I also liked how they made story situation we have heard for years more realistic like Especially when Joseph was looking for a place to stay in bethlehem, the frantic husband looking for a place because his wife is in labor, I was glad they did it thst way, and it gave me a little chuckle.

Overall it was good. I found fewer innacuarcies than I did in the passion and they actual got a bit of humor in there with the maji (who honestly you can look at one of them as witnessing in a way to his fellow maji) and some of the comments made in good taste, will make you giggle. It actually did show to the best of my knowledge what it would have been like for Joseph and Mary in their life, time and jouney. Especially when Joseph was looking for a place to stay, the frantic husband looking for a place because his wife is in labor, I was glad they did it thst way.

See it if you want or even better take a friend so you can talk about it afterwards.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Starbucks oops

My friend posted about starbucks and so it inspired my little note on my visit.

I do not drink cofee so starbucks is not a normal visit location for me. But My Bearitory leader was here and seeing as how she is addicted and she was buying I ordered my regular treat when the occasion arrises.

Hot chocolate with rasberry.

well we sat down, she got her regular bold and I waited. I then got my toasty drink a few minuites later.
I noticed it was different it had little red sprinkles on the whipped cream. I just thoguth it was a little holiday touch. then the sip.

It was not what I wanted it was pepermint not Rasberry. oh sad day for my sweet tooth. see as how I was in a meeting of sorts I did not say a thing and was thankful for my warm drink.

I guess I just wished that seeing as how it was slow in the cafe and three people behind the counter would making 3 drinks would ensure that rasberry does not get mixed with pepermint.

I am glad this was not an addiction of mine I may not be back for a while.

Are they sick of me yet?

Well God is really keeping me busy, but in a good way. For those of you who really know me you know that I am constantly busy. I get in volved with everything I possibly can I cram activities into spots in my day which really are my only time to rest. This is just how God made me and honestly that is when I am the happiest. Due to this I had a clarifying moment yesterday.
Since I moved all I have had to keep me busy was Build a Bear. So that is what I was spending all my time on. The reason I am able to see this is that I now have other things to do and the fog is clearing.
I have been doing more and more with Church. Tuesday night was Bible study. I got there late but just in time for food. There were lots of people who I had never seen at the prior events I had gone to which is great. it is a pretty large group at church. They were much more social and easier to meet people at this bible study. Lots of guys but only like 7 girls. I had a good time but the lesson was defenetly not as great as it has been at mid cities. Overall it was good and worth another visit. I did get invited to a social gathering on friday so we will see how that goes.
Tonight I am going to my church's preview of the Nativity movie. I am not usually the type to jump out and see these movies. I actually will probobly be super picky and pick the movie apart. Maybe I need an attutude check. But it is another chance to meet and connect with more people. I hope I don't make them sick of me. I was gonna go to 5 am prayer with the group today but my body refused. and it is probobly good I did not, seeing as how I have to work today.
I feel so social this week I have something planned every night. last night got canelled due to a friends proposal needing some final tweaking. But I got some rest.
well I should get my bills paid and run off to work.What adventure will I experience today?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

use it while I can

The internet is working so I am gonna update while I have the chance.

well God has really taken over and I am so glad He has.

I don't know why I try and do it myself so much, especialy when i know how nice it is when I let Him do all the work.

I have driven away from my current location every week at least once in the past month. it gets pretty overwhelming ans boy do the mile rack up.

I am no longer a workaholic which was not a good experience.

I gave Shadow mountain Church a second chance and it was a great thing. I met people I went hiking with a group and got to get to know them and run out of gas in the mountains (sound familiar?) Now I am pretty much forcing myself on them by going to every single activity possible including Bible study tonight. It is a nice group. lots of people my age an not just college girls (no offence to the girls at home). The pastor is a great speaker and teacher and the service has awesome worship with hymns and new choruses. I am still getting used to the fact that the service is being webcast and I have no Idea who anyone in the service is.
They are setting up new york city at church this weekend complete with a taxi and a working Ice rink. Everyone has been praying for cold weather and due to my need of more blankets on my bed and all the shivering going around I know God heard them.
Tonight I am going to try the bible study and see how that goes. If I make it in time I will get free dinner-yeah!!
Work is well exept the bussiness is gone. I am afraid I will not make some of my requirements by the end of the season. It is not as busy as they had hoped for us. Pray the shoppers come. I keep promising my employees that hours will increase and I have to keep sending them home early instead.
On my last trip up to Orange county yesterday I got to go help with operation Christmas Child, and guess who was there! Franklin Graham, not that I am a groupie or anything but it is still pretty cool. My mom got interviewed by chanel 9 news and I got interviewed by TBN. Too bad I had to close my store that night and couldnt see either.
Okay well there is my little update. My internet is working for the moment so I will try and update on a more regular basis as long as it lasts.
Thank you for thinking about me, it really helps to have your prayers and things are getting better all the time.