Friday, September 22, 2006

The border

Yep that is right. I was at the border. The famous fence and wall and the border patrol van had just cruised past.
We were actually at a mall. Notice the sign. "No parking for border crossing purposes"
I think that is about as close as I want to get.

Thankfully my mall is not exactly THIS close.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not sure what to pray for

God seems to always keep me on my toes. I guess I don't get bored that way. Right now I am having a couple protential decisions and it is a little bit of a struggle in my head.
I am really having a great time in my new position and the chance to open a new store as a cheif above all that is AWESOME!! Things are shaping up and moving on as of last night I had 11 hired and a few more to call. I have a great team in a great location and a great company.
Tuesday I had to run to LA and I had an interview as an alternate for a full time keeper position. I was okay with this mentally because I figured no one would drop out, which they did not. BUT now I am being considered for 3/4 time position which is still pretty awesome. I would love to finally become a keeper and at LA would be even better.
Here is my conflict.
there is still a chance that I will not get the 3/4 time and actually I would almost personally not get it at the moment because I really want to finish at least opening this store for BABW. I want to be a keeper but I don't want to seem like a flake and leave my team and company hanging at a critical time.
I know God knows what He is doing. He has gotten me thru so much in the past that I honestly am not worried just a little confused. I have no doubt that whatever happens will be great and will be the best thing for me.
Pray for me, I guess the best request would be to pray that I stay calm and honestly follow and trust God as I always should.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rest, what is Rest?

Here is a glimps of our "authentic" team, and the grand introduction, Susan, Diana, Karrie, and Me. This is actually our completion of an assignment from Bearquarters. Oh, and for those that don't know 235 is what number my store is in the company. Just as a refrence Fashion Island was 33, a big change. We had a great time today with meetings and Ice cream, as well as being honked at several times as we tried to get our picture taken.

Besides the fun, my whole body feels tired and dried out right now and I have an interview at 4pm today. I just arrived in Long Beach from Chula Vista about 20 min ago. Well, I have to sleep for an hour before I head to LA. I have not been to the zoo in a while so it will be a refreshing visit minus my interview. I need an attutude adjustment about the whole thing though. Pray for me if you can. Thanks!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Much needed rest

I know I have not been gone long but I really did need a day away becuase it seems when I am in my home all I do is WORK, even on my time and days off.
Today was exactly what I needed, without even really knowing it. I got to see my family, talk to my sisters, see my sick grandma, play with the nephews and see great friends. Bonus suprises were getting to have birthday fellowship with my church family and my favorite-est show ever started a new round today, AMAZING RACE. (Sam and I are gonna apply when he turns 21)

All of those things are awesome and made my train trip totally worth it but what I have honestly missed is worshiping and SINGING in church. These last two weeks have been really crazy and a bit trying at work but it has been harder not having my church family. today i got to do that twice and just honestly enjoy my time with God as well as get challenged in both the services I visted.
I have not gotten to go visit any southernly located church potentials yet but, hopefully this week I will actually GO and start on my church hunt. Then I can hopefully find a new place to sing loud and off key on a weekly basis, if not more.
So, for all you C&C people, though I am excited that the friday night prayer meeting went well I am slightly envious of your experience. Honestly more excited to see what is going on in the MCBC C&C group than anything else.

Well, my whirlwind week begins again tomorrow and I know it will go well simply because of the great start that it had.