Thursday, December 27, 2007


92 Days!!
That is right. Brian actually has a counter.
I will no longer be who I have been for the last 28 years in just 3 months.

yes I am excited, I get stressed a little bit every so often but, it seems the closer this day seems to get I get sad.

I like being RLR, I like my unique spelling RHOnda RHOades. I get a little sad that I am loosing that. I like confusing people or getting the little cool comments about my name. I feel lucky having the name I do. I am excited to get married, I do want to take Brian's name and become Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, but I mourn my identity a little.

To move away from my family, not that I am there much now, but to become something else is a little weird and scary. I know they will still be there for me but there are a few things that will loose. I will miss my random TV time with just me and Paul. I will miss my random talks with Sam and our archery time. I won't have my random monday night TV shows with my mom. My dad won't be there when I am up at 5 am and walk me to my car. It is weird to think about it all right now.
I loved growing up to be who I am and I know technically I am just becoming more of who Christ wants me to be. But I just get a little sad.

Oh the joys of the season

Who says the fun with the wrapping has to end once it is off the present?

Not Tes and I obviously.

While the rest of Brian's family watch the boys play wii star wars, we entertained ourselves with photo booth and bows.

She wanted to stick every scrap of wrapping to her face after a while. Eventually it had to stop because of another family engagement to go to.

Brian and I made it up north and are having a nice visit and a bit of rest. (not much with the new wii games though).

I even have gotten to see and smell the dairys around town(yes I actually asked Brian to roll down the windows as we drove by) . I miss them a little but I am glad to be close to my family more.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

time goes by

So very fast. One year ago today I went to the Ballet for the first time. I freaked out and stressed out and got into a truck with a bleach blond boy.
It amazes me how fast time has gone and that is has been one year already since my first date with Brian.
I never knew exactly where my life would go after that night and certainly had no idea that I would be marrying him. I simply got dressed nicely, went out and put on a nice friendly conversation and said thank you at the end of the night. I half wanted to just tell him no, so I could date lots of other people (not that anyone was asking me).
I did not know that that night was the start of something Brian had prayed for for 10 years and that God had in his plan FOREVER. It is kinda funny to think about it because our first date was not a MAGICAL one, but it was definitely a starting point for something that would change and improve my life.
God does great things especially when we are not expecting them and one year ago He did that for me. THANK YOU.
I love you Brian and Happy Anniversary, I know there will be many more to come.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

If chuck norris says so, I guess I have to.

I think I have to post this, or Chuck Norris might come after me.

so are you safe?

Oh the weather out side is frightening...

or at least glove worthy.
And now I know nothing will stop Brian from his iPhone. Even discovering that it will not work with gloves on your fingers. So he figured out a new way.

This was yesterday morning at the train station and boy did it start my day off with a smile.

And yes, Brian was aware of the posting, he pretty much encouraged it. His response, "I wonder if I will end up on digg?"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I LOVE Geeks

I guess I have already established this not only by previous posts but also in my choice of future husband.

I found this with my mom and think it is one of the cutest love songs ever.

I think I am doomed to have children with plaid pants and pocket protectors.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh the confirmation

This story takes some background info.
I love Brian. 
Part of why I love him is because of who he is, extreme geek and all.
He is into sci-fi, computers, comics, video games and internet. All these things he is very passionate and knowledgeable about. These things make him who he is and who I love. 

now onto the recent confirmation.
My mother and I discovered this new show called "the big bang theory" on CBS. it is basically about the lives of 4 very awkward and grown men who are severe geeks. It is a very funny show and often some of what they do is very close to Brian's interests.

    This morning I watched an episode from a couple weeks ago. The topic was about arranged marriages. At one point all the guys started reminiscing about fiddler on the roof. I guess this is a topic in that musical. They all of a sudden wanted to rent it, and then they were overly excited by the fact that one of the guys already owned the special edition. They all were way too excited about it.
     Well Brain and I watched the episode together and then he had to go get ready for work. I had not linked him to the geeks in the episode at that point. Then it happened.

As Brian walked from the couch towards his room, he stopped. He reached down and pulled out a DVD and said if you want to watch fiddler I have it right it, it is good.  

I could not help but laugh. he was like them. 
But I still really love him.        Maybe I will watch it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

ugggggg! worst day ever

Yesterday I experienced the most frustrating, frightening and painful day of me at the zoo.

I have been jumping around a great deal helping with lot os animals and it changes every week.

Yesterday i was with the spider monkeys, capuchens, uakaris, golden lion tamarins and the black howler monkeys. I have done it before but not a single thing would go well for me yesterday, especially after lunch.

I will expand on the story later but basically I got threatened several times, my hair got pulled, buckets of stuff dumped out and I now have monkey finger prints bruised on my arm. I don't like moneys right now.

Mostly I am just super thankful that I survived and don't have to do it again today.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Even cooler

I love will it blend, and it keeps getting better everyday.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

as the wedding world turns

sometimes life feels like a soap opera. but right now it is okay.
Brian got his braces off today. I have yet to see him but am excited.

I have not gotten a great deal of wedding stuff done but tomorrow will help knock out a few.
Having a dress fitting. Meeting with Don at church.

We just got our engagement Photos back. not bad. My friend took them,
it was fun.
My biggest cloud in my brain at the moment is figuring out the Flowers. I am a little nervous and going a little blank. Not sure what to get who to go to or anything. any suggestions throw them my way.

the zoo is well and I have not been officially placed anywhere but did visit the zoo library for the first time. I got 3 macropod books ( also known to the regular world as kangaroos and wallaby's)

Gotta run Brian is almost here and I get to see his teeth for the first time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

haa haa, what a dork am I

Ok I was sitting here watching 2001: space odyssey for the fist time and it begins with the so called dawn of man.
This has about 15 men pretending to be chimpanzees in the middle of arid mountains and there are like pig animals walking all around them supposedly habitating in the same desert like area. of course I start racking my brain as to exactly what they were.

Babarusa? nope too tall and snout is too thick
wild hog? no not hairy enough
Peccari? no again
Finally it hit me
They have 12 Bairds Tapirs wandering the land with them.
This is so stupid. These animals are heavy vegitation eaters and live in the dense jungles of Central America.
Why would they be thriving out in the desert?

This movie has lost any kind of good movie credibility with me right from the first scene

As I watch I hate the whole precedence of evolution even more. I just keep seeing stupidity after more stupidity.

I can hardly stand it.

For one to have the chance to relax is usually a real treat. Somehow the act of baing forced to do so really takes all the fun out of it.
I was lucky enough to have 3 days off in a row so off to San Diego I went. I took the train and thus am vehicle less on the days Brian is at work so I am essentially trapped.

I had a tooth pulled today and am just starting to de-numb. But due to the care instructions I am not to talk on the phone too much and can only eat soft foods. err.

Brian has internet and has provided me with a great computer, lots of movies and lots of napping areas. but man I feel like I am going crazy.
I already watch my whole will it blend DVD which was a nice start but eh, I am just feeling blah now.
The part that bothers me the most I think is the phone thing. I really wish I could call people and just jab that would make my day go much faster.
anyway back to my mind numbing day.
hopefully I survive

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What is going on

Yeah yeah I have seemed to vanish but my blog is back.

God has been keeping me extra busy and tired but that is gonna get better.
I got fulltime at the zoo and will for the first time in my life have a regular, steady, day only, work schedule.
I might go bonkers. Though I may have the same days off every week I most likely will not ever get to go to day services in church on Sundays for along time. This Sunday I am gonna probably be at Upper Room for the last time. And after that it will be night service at Mid Cities from now on. Yes I will be returning from la la land.
This past week I had that great news and I also lost my kitty which totally sucked. he fell out the window on Friday afternoon and we can't find him. So no animals for the animal keeper.
Brian and I are doing well. Everyday I continue to be with him I realize how much God really did make him for me. and I am so excited to marry him.

The wedding plans are going and I am feeling more confident but a lot more stuff to go.

I don't know there is so much stuff to write.

This last weekend went well and I got to meet Brain's fathers side of the family and he got to meet some of my fathers side, who were visiting from New Mexico.

I worked with new animals today at the zoo and successfully did not die. What a goal to have huh.

well I need to go recoup from my day and plan for another early 4am wake up.
I promise I will not take so long to update.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my cool shoes

look at what I made
I love it.
So far i will now have at least 3 pairs of shoes to wear at my wedding. Brian's mom will be Proud.

Brian has Groom converse too. When they are done I will post a picture.


Well I am planning a Bonfire fun celebration for Saturday night the 28th at Huntington State Beach. I would love it if all my buds could come (You). I am going today to scope out and see what pits I want but I just wanted to get the word out. I have to work and won't get there till 6pm but I will have family there. and the fire will be ready. Prepare yourself for a fun beach time with hot dogs, smores and sand.
I will try to limit the never ending sand soccer games, we have had in the past but who knows.
Brian and I just want to have a good time with everyone and celebrate what is happeneing, and get my friends together from my neck of the woods that may not know him the best.
If you could let me know if you can/can't make it that would be cool so I can have a good munchie count.

see you soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

So True

Look at what I am marrying

Thursday, June 28, 2007

the details

well I am now engaged. I have been talking and telling this story so much my voice hurts. so now I am going to jot it down. Here is the grand event and all the details.

This last weekend Brian and I (though through a few set backs) were able to go up to Mount Shasta for my Friend Jill's wedding. We had a great time and I was happy to be there with him.
Sunday after a few short goodbyes to great friends we started on our 13 hour drive back to San Diego. Yeah it was as fun and comfortable as you could possibly imagine. Now Brian and I have been discussing marrying each other and had been mush with each other all weekend (we were at a wedding). I had bugged him a lot and kept saying I was gonna have a heart attack before he asked me. So he had to distract me with a lie. he said he had ordered the ring but the jeweler still had to do somethings to it and it would be several weeks before he had it. I was appeased slightly by that and just enjoyed being with him while I anxiously waited.

We finally made it home at 11pm. I was tired, even though he did a majority of the driving, and I had to get up at 330 to make it back to the zoo. As soon as we each made our necessary visits to the facilities it was time to rest...well at least I thought so.
I came out and the house was dark. I hollered "where are you" from the dark love seat in the living room I hear "I am over here waiting for you." Willing to snuggle a little after 14 hours in the car I go and sit next to him and lay my head on his chest.As soon as I put my ear to his chest I could hear his heart. It was dark and quiet and I told him i could hear his heart beating. He replied, "It is beating for you." My quick response in total Rhonda fashion was, " That was extra cheesy"
He started laughing which is one of the nicest things in our relationship is that we totally laugh with each other.
we get back to snuggle mode and he starts talking to me. Telling me how much he loved me and how he was so glad god had brought me into his life. Sadly because I was so tired and had already been talking with him all weekend about lovey stuff I do not remember the exact thing he said except one part.
I for a while and when I met him, while in Chula Vista, I had a little daters quote on my wall to make sure I was not just jumping at any guy who bought me candy. it says, "When dating the search is not for someone you can live with, it is for someone you CAN'T live without!" this little sign was a good help for several years now to evaluate how realistic some relationships or potential relationships were. Well while we are sitting together he says to me " Rhonda I can't live with out you!" this got me excited just from remembering the sign and knowing he paid attention, BUT then, he pulled out a box.
He opened it up and *Bling* literally from the inside it gleams open, there was a light in the box and the dark room really made it shine. I was so excited and surprised. He asked me, "Will you marry me!"
I think the first thing outta my mouth when he opened the box was "Oh my Gosh" but then I made sure I said YES. I was excited and overwhelmed, but I fell bad when I watch someone ask and she starts crying and freaking out and forgets to answer. So after I made my required response I started to freak. I cried and hugged him and kissed him. I think we hugged for like 3 minutes straight.
Eventually I calmed down enough to let him get the ring out of the cool box and put it on my finger. That was kinda surreal. I never thought I would be where I am now. I thought I would be happy single aunt Rhonda, but God obviously had other plans and all you that wanna say I told you so about meeting someone in San Diego, i get it I have heard it at least 6 times.
I am happy to be marrying Brian and am so glad he is in my life.
This is my story I almost immediately called my parents then updated my blog and my space and then texted half the people I knew. I was so exhausted the next day but God gave me the adrenaline to keep it going.
If you want his side of the story check out His blog. ta ta!

Monday, June 25, 2007


and YES!
Were two words that I uttered when Brian asked me tonight to marry him.

Here is the extreme close up

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

this weekends energy

Special Olympics State games just happened it was fun but really wore me out. Check out my team as we were leaving. Yes they won lots of medals and worked hard. We are the crazy coaches in long beach but we are okay with that, track has to be fun.
Brain even came saturday and sunday. It was quite the spectacle that Rhonda had a Boyfriend. It is a good thing I like him or I might have been uncomfortable.
I was glad he came but was expecting him to be more uncomfortable than he let on to be.
In fact he even made freinds with Dawn. Well she was all sniggly on him within 10 min. She is cute and so is he so I guess they do okay together.

Look at what a cute couple.
She did not want to walk anywhere without him that night.


my artistic skills

This fathers day over a bowl of jelly bellys my family started discussing the jelly belly art. They were bugging me that I had spread a majority of the beans on the table top and so I said i would do my aunts portrait with the spilled beans.
This is my Aunt Debbie.
This is my art.
I think I should retire from bean art.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the perks

Even with all the lack of sleep and long days , things like this almost make it all worth it. one week old baby Sumatran tiger cubs. I totally stayed late to play with them.

So cute yet ferrocious, haa haa
Now that is the cool stuff God gives me the opportunity to do!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Maybe one day this will be in my vocabulary other than in the prase, "I don't get to rest."

God keeps me going though and oddly though I am in a never ending state of exhaustion I am doing well.
The zoo is going well I am now one of the Koala Keepers, and they are super cute. We are going to get tazmanian devils by the end of the year so that will be cool to. No zoo's in USA have any right now.
I have man hands. Well at least mechanic hands. Thanks to the zoo I have calliced palms and fingers. Lots of scabs from slicing my fingers and every wrinkle in my hand is defined by black which seems to be permanent. probobly from the hoses. My finger nails are in a semi permanent state of dirty. Sorry Brian. I tend to get into the modes of I don't care, but right now I kinda do. It just means I have to take some of my rest time, if any, to work on them a bit.
Build a Bear has kinda fizzled out for me and is basically just something I do to make ends meet and to make myself tired. This kinda makes me sad because it should never have been that way. I used to love my job and the company and never imagined ever leaving or getting over it. But I might be.
Brian and I have been on our toes and on the road a lot lately. I have been a regular train passenger on a weekly basis and Brian has been willing to come and spend his weekends in LA with me even though I work everyday. Thank you those little times mean a lot. Just being able to pretend to be normal and make dinner at home is nice. Not worrying about when I will get to see him again or how much I am driving and if I will stay awake. I miss going to church with him and I am glad that he is willing to stay so we can go together even if it means taking 7 freeways and coming with a dirt covered girlfriend.
The next weekends should be nice. I have them off but in typical me fashion they are jam packed and will add to my exhaustion. A wedding in the mountains complete with camping this will be nice but it means we have to drive back from mount shasta in one day. 12 hours to San diego for Brian. and Special Olympics this weekend. I have not gotten to go to a single meet this season due to my zoo schedule but I am excited and will be so very tired on sunday afternoon when we go to see my family for fathers day and june b-days. Ah!! when does it stop?
I know God is the only reason I make it through this week after week and I am thankful that He is who I talk to first thing in the morning and all throughout my long days. He has been doing so much in my life this year and I enjoy every moment I suddenly see a bit more of his plan. It makes the tiredness go away sometimes. He is the one who gave me the ability to sleep soundly at any moment I was comfy so my body could rest and pretend to handle all that I do. I just need to find a way to be a little less comfortable when I am driving.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As most of you know Brian's hair color is not currently the color that grows out of his scalp. I often bug him about changing it back to his natural color. Now this would be interesting except there is a bit of fear in me as to whether I will still like how he looks with brown hair. I Want to give it a chance. I have bugged him more recently about it and I think he is actually considering it. So today on my day off I fiddled with a new techy tool, thanks to said Boy. and I want your opinion.
Below you will find 2 pictures. One with the current style, and one as a result of my very bad editing skills (not the best but it will do).
I want you to vote, leave a comment and tell me, what color is better for Brian. This should be fun!
this is how he looks now.

this is how he COULD look in the future. Hopefully if he does grow it out it won't look so much like chocolate pudding.
Please VOTE.

Will it blend?

this is my new favorite website and I enjoy watching every trial. hey sometimes you just need some mindless entertainment, especially after a 9 day work week.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I survived

I met the MOM, and the family. It was cool and it was a great trip. I even got to see his moms shoe collection. well half of it. the fall/winter shoes are put away in the garage. Wii played video games with the whole family. Brian got asked why his hair was 2 colors by his 5 year old cousin. I got put in my place by her 3 year old brother, apparently his muscles are bigger than both Brian's and mine. We had BBQ and homemade Pie. Church on Sunday and a long drive home. Besides Granny I am not totally sure what they think of me, but we all made it through the weekend and I think everyone had fun.

Best of all I got to feel like being with Brian all the time was NORMAL. It is hard being away from him sometimes, especially this week and I am not totally sure why. But I guess I should be thankful that I at least get to see him on a regular basis.

A typical date.. never typical when you are dating a geek.
I love Brian but at times I seem to step back a bit and truly realize how geeky he is. But I like it so I guess i am kinda geeky too.
So since I am involved with a guy with such interests we obviously do some pretty unique things.
Yeah typical date may be movie, snack and an activity. That may be for most people.
Here is the Ultimate geek date we went on a couple weeks ago.
Movie:3-D Imax about the Ocean
Snack: Astronaut Ice cream
Activity: Star Wars Museum complete with live characters. Yes, Darth Vader was there.

The funniest part (or best part, Brian thinks.) This was all MY Idea.
Should I be afraid? I guess I am okay as long as I am not speaking Klingon.

I had a great time though and I really like doing things that make Brian excited. I love him and anything I can do to spend time with him and make him happy is pretty cool with me.
Don't worry I am not a treker....yet.

Same keeper, New Shoes

Wow! It has been a month. I am so very sorry. here is a update and I hope I can keep up from now on.
I am having a great time at the zoo and getting to do more and more every week. Today I learned how to care for the new meerkat and the Brown Pelicans, I will be all alone doing it on Monday. I am Being Trained on the S. American Primate String, basically lots of little monkeys. even two kinds with Red Hair!
I love it. It fits. Yes the Park the zoo is in is Burning but God kept the Zoo and the animals safe, thanks for your prayers and worries. I have officially been at the zoo for over 5 years and I just bought my first new pair of new work footwear since I first started. My old boots were literally coming apart at the seams. And wouldn't you know when I am supposed to be deciding on a pair of functional footwear i find myself sitting and contemplating over which pair to choose based on how CUTE they are. odd huh, why do you need cute shoes to step in poop with? I dunno but I guess I do. I think Brian's mom would understand.
Well I bought my summer shoes as I like to think of them, because they will look better with shorts on those 100+ degree days.
I like my shoes, but had an issue when buying them. I am cheap! It is really hard for me to spend money, especially on myself. I used to run and I pride myself on the fact that I never spent over $40 on a pair of shoes. I hunt for bargains and don't usually care about brand names. Even though these were necessary safety equipment for work I was having a problem with the price. I sat for almost 10 min trying to decide weather or no to buy these things, but in the end I did. $60, on sale. That is officially the most I have ever spent on a single pair of shoes EVER.
I like them and I find myself admiring them as I wander the zoo (especially since it has been quiet and closed to the public the last 2 days.) I will have my short debut tomorrow seeing as how it is getting way too hot, and Brian will be coming to visit in the afternoon.
Now I just have to enjoy them and hope they will last a year or so. but I still have to find some Winter shoes, I better start saving!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

You've been PINKED!!

This is a missions fundraiser my church group from San Diego was doing. The way it worked was you could pay $25 to have 25 flamingos put into an unsuspecting friends lawn/office, etc. Well this event has gone on for a couple of weeks and been pretty funny to see the results. well it ended today. So Me being the best girlfriend I could and also supporting my friends and the spreading of the gospel, I PINKED BRIAN.
Here is his house with a few unexpected guests over for bible study.

Now he knows a little of what it s like to be around Flamingos. He thought he was safe. Obviously he underestimated the power of a red head.

Do you want my autograph?

I got my Official uniform last Friday and got to wear it for the first time on Tuesday. I like the jacket the most, even though it is really a bit large. I feel official and must have looked it due to some of my responses from strangers while stopping at the store on the way home.
The common first question is "What do you do?" I respond,"I am a zoo keeper." then they usually ask me what I work with, and whether or not I have gotten bit.
One lady actually asked what a zoo keeper did. I figured everyone over 5 already knew the answer to that.
It was fun. I felt like a celebrity. I like wearing MY Jacket.

Snow leopards, Tigers and Bears...oh My!

Sounds scary I know but it is actually where I feel the most at home. I got a chance to escape the land of birds and Dorothy, the keeper I volunteered with for 4 years, stole me away and iIgot to officially train on her string. It was really cool to be back like old times since I have not gotten to work with her since December. One of the coolest parts is that now I had Keys.

As I go throughout the zoo during my days there are often little moments that catch my senses and make me step back and enjoy it a little more.
Footprints in the mud often do this to me. I will be doing the regular rake and clean routine preparing to open up and suddenly as I try to avoid the gooshy mud I get entranced by how cool and experience I get to have. How many people get to experience tiger, bear, or snow leopard prints. Even more the animals themselves.
Well on Tuesday I had another one of these moments. I was locking one of the multiple locks in the back area of tigers. While you are doing this you are literally inches from this:
and they really want to eat you. I was finishing locking and suddenly felt the hot breath of an angry tiger on my hand. WOW! How cool. I am glad I can experience some thing so unique , but I am also thankful to have both my arms and all of my fingers.

Me and my Blog.

I don't blog as much as I would like and often plan to. I will be out about in my day and experience something I really want to share and then I either don't get home with enough time or energy to even turn on my computer.
So, in this spirit I am gonna try and catch up.

I hope you enjoy the next couple posts. I am feeling like writing them in seperate posts because I want to give them each their own space. I know i am weird DEAL!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

zoo news

Well the zoo is getting better. I feel more confident and more capable and yesterday really felt like part of the team and not just the little new girl who is learning. We laughed we worked we talked and did extra projects because I was there to help. usually it seemed like we were behind the days I would help but not so.
Friday and Saturdays are a little depressing being stuck in my little corner shack alone but I am getting a little better and I am getting done and out to help others and get a little human contact.
Yesterday I was working in the aviary, avoiding the white rain Jessica warned me about, and got bombarded. First by a group of 5 year old zoo campers who all wanted to ask the same question one after another. but I did like answering, "Are you a zookeeper?" For some reason I like saying yes to that one.
As I was cleaning and answering questions to the title of MRS. ZOOKEEPER, given to me by said campers, I got bombarded from behind, by a beak.
Flamingos are pretty skittish animals and most tried to stay away but in this enclosure there are 6 hand raised ones, they like to stay near you and in your way. Well I bent down to pick up my pile of poop I had raked and I could see in the the shaddow my attack approaching. Poke poke, right in the tooshie. Then, as I was hosing punch right in the back. Now don't worry, these did not hurt and actually are kinda cool to get because it means the birds were calm around me. Here is what my attacker looked like.

A Greater Flamingo.

we also have American

and Chilean Flamingos at the LA Zoo.

My mom says I am getting too smart if I can tell flamingos apart.

It is slowly seeping back

my sanity that is. I have had a much better week even though I as totally exhausted which has been the case since I moved from San Diego. thank you for all those who really have been praying for me, not only has it helped but it has encouraged me just knowing you are.
I have gotten to connect a bit here.I got to go to Bible study and Special Olympics and got to do some useless fun activities with Brian. Yes oddly enough the things that make my life bussier make me happier.
Thank you for all your prayers. I thank God for you guys being in my life, you help keep me out of the loony bin.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where do I belong

Yesterday was a very frustrating day at work, Build a Bear. I was tired, as usual, probably from my San Diego visit ending just a few hours earlier. I get into the whole situation with 2 min to spare and get no info from the other manger even though I have been gone for 3 days.
I eventually made it onto the floor and the frustration immediately hit. that is definitely a sign that the day is not going to be a good one. I spent the rest of the evening basically not wanting to be there which is a new feeling for me at build a bear.
At most of my other stores I would love to be there. loved my team and loved what we did. i have gladly worked on every birthday I have had in the last 5 years and enjoyed it. I don't think this is gonna be the case this year.
I need to pray more and really get God involved in all that is happening. I hate being frustrated at work. I know he has me there for a reason but I almost want to just demote myself even more and not have to feel like I am sinking out of control at my current position, and be able to pretend I don't care, which even then would not be the case.
I hate feeling tired all the time. I hate keeping Brian up at all hours and I hate having to SCHEDULE time to be with those I love and care about.
I moved to be in the career I have dreamt about for 18 years and now I wonder if I was suppose to stay in San Diego. It seems that is where I enjoy myself and those I love are now there. Here I kept dreaming of coming home and now I wonder if I left it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am pretty good self steem wise. I like what and who God made me. the one thing I really hate though is my lack of ability to stay awake.
it has obviously caused me an accident as well as many missed movies. the things i miss the most which suck the most, are my conversations. I wish I could stay awake because i hate missing the times i talk to those I love and care about. Thank you for still putting up with me if this has happened to you, maybe one day it will get better,

Monday, March 05, 2007

Striking resemblance

In my new career I have lots of time to contemplate odd things. It it nesting season in my area and so we are trying to make it seem like love is in the air to get all our birds to brood up and make some chicks.
Well, one of my lonely secluded days at the zoo I was taking care of one of my regulars, the congo peafowl. In my moments in the exhibit I was admiring the males blond crest and suddenly was feeling like I had seen it before. Take a look.

Now I know I am crazy at times but the one at my zoo has his a little shorter but just as blode and pointy as this one.For some totally strange reason it reminded me of Brian's hair.

What do you think? Am I totally bonkers? Now, lets keep the comments to this situations insanity, we all know I am overall a little loopy. What do you expect, I like to scoop poop!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We went on a hike on Iron Mountain on Sunday, with a group from Shadow Mountain's upperroom. I love these kinds of trips and the reason links right along with emily's peaches.
This is the same reason I really love working at the zoo. I get to honestly see how beautiful the things God made are, up close. How intricate, how delecate and unique. I love to just admire and be in awe as to the things our Lord created. To be so close and spend time admiring and praising God for his beautiful things just makes my world great.
Here is one of the cool things I get to work with at the zoo.
It is a Gray crowned crane. They are from africa and about 4.5 feet tall, they are the only crane that can perch in a tree and it looks like they have porcupine quills sticking outta the top of their head.
This is fun, sharing my animals. Maybe I wil make this a regular addition to my blog.

I like it

I like this picture. It was a good day in a good weekend. Two days later was a little harder.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A whole new (old) world

well I started my new jobs this week.
Everyone asks me do I love it. Honestly I can't give them a real answer because it feels like the old times. I go to the zoo and because it is a new section to me, the aviary. It feels like I am volunteering again.
I started back as a manger at Downtown Disney yesterday. this was last minuite and I was kinda thrown into it. It still feels like I am visiting though. I am almost sure that I have been labled as mean already by at least a couple of people. They did not have keys for me, I was not in the computer and did not have acess to all the manager stuff I needed and I did not know where anything was. oops and I just realized that I forgot to fax something for a guest.
Hopefully by next week this will change. i will have had more time in the store and will actually be alone on a string at the zoo and I can then give a true answer. I hope this is what God truly called me right now to do. Because I kinda miss northern mexico!

Friday, February 16, 2007

I've been violated

okay maybe it was a willing decision as Brian points out but the long awaited event which most did not expect, happened last night.
here is the photo record. what do you think?
Here goes nothin...say goodbye to the my un adulterated lobes.

soo... what do you think?

Monday, February 05, 2007


prayer is such an awesome thing especially when it is mixed with tears and someone special.

Friday, February 02, 2007

A very pricey car wash

well I got my car back minus the dents and a whole lot of dirt. I think 3500 is a bit much for a car wash, so I don't think I will try and do that again.

I also had a fabulous week so far.

I finally got to tell everyone at build a bear about the zoo. It was hard not being able to talk about it. I still have to find my replacement but I do have some potential canidates.

I had my physical (drug test) last week and everything cleared and I got my starting date confirmed as the 18th. it is a sunday but I will probobly make it to evening service. It will be pretty cool to finally be a real paid employee. Brian is happy that I will still be in town for Valentines day, but I totally guessed what he was planning to get me. He has to learn that this red head is not so oblivious. :)

Also along the lines of build a bear, God really has made some great things happen. Sam and I are gonna be able to work in the same store. (which is normally against the rules if one is a manager and the other is not). Also my part time pay rate is not as horribly bad as I was expecting it to be. Thank you God for taking care of all of it. so I will have sign in piveleges to Disneyland if you need a hook up give me a call.

New things are happening with the upper room which are pretty cool. It has given me the opportunity to get to know some people more deeply. The wednesday study at Brian's house is gonna go through Neahmiah in a verse by verse study and then the womens group last night was a great time of coloring, sharing and prayer.

Tomorrow is paint ball with my family and Brian is coming. I hope he survives. I am honestly a little worried, but I am sure it will be fine in the end. I am also gonna start the moving process yet again. it is nice having only one room of things to move. I just have to get motivated and actually get it moved. I am lanning on dumping some in my brother's truck tomorrow and send it home with him.
I am still not sure where to live. I think my mom is just expecting me to come home, which is fine. My grandma would love to have me at her house whihc works out pretty equal distance from the zoo. the Disney treck is a bit farther but if it helps my grandma feel less lonely it is worth it.
It will be nice to be back home but I will miss some things here in San Diego County, and I know some will miss me.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I thought they were great days seeing how they tended to hold great things for me these last 2 months.

I met Brian on a tuesday. I had my zoo interview on a tuesday, I got to go officially start my zoo paperwork today (tuesday) Things were good, that is until about 90 min ago.

I tend to get tired easily, and while driving on a warm afternoon (at least it was warm in my car) I tend to drift off. I was trying to get to a safe place and thought I was doing okay and then POP! I hit the back bar on a big rig. I don't think he even felt it, and they did not stop or slow down at all. Sad day!

well Now I get to get in touch with my insurance company and cannot quite celebrate the end of my credit card debt like I had planned. It only ripped my fender and the car works just fine. well God kept me safe at least but I am a bit sad.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am gonna get paid for scooping poop.

The Interview tuesday went well and I got a call back on Thursday afternoon. I was in new mexico when I got said message thru my father and after a bit of phone tag and fighting off some nausea I got the news. Woo hoo!!

So here i come again moving for the 3rd time in 8 months, and I am sure one more is in the near future.

I still technically have to pass a physical but all should be good, as long as I don't break a hip before the 26th. then my 2 week notice for my chief position at BABW. So, that gives me about a month to get it all situated and start yet another of my what seem habitual Long Distance Relationships. the only thing that is okay about this is I know God totally has a plan in this relationship.

so it has only taken 5 years but at least the day has finally come!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A girls best friend.....oops

I am not a jewlery person. Most of what I wear is just colorful costume type neclaces and the occasional bracelet. I did get a perl neclace when I graduated college from my sitster Rebecca and ejoy that when I have the right chance to wear it. That was the crowning piece of my collection for at least 4 years.
Some of you know I do officially now have two Tiffany neclaces now, which sounds so foreign to my lifestyle, but each were gifts. They actually fit well with my personalliy and I wear them regualrly. I guess I am more high end then I claim to be.
Well, a couple years ago a guest left a bracelet in my store for over 6 months. We never received a call or a person hunting for it. I thought it was just a silver bracelet with little cubic zerconia. after admiring it and aeeing how it was homeless, I finally took it and gave it a good home. I have enjoyed wearing said bracelet and often get compliments on it from which I usually reveal my source of receipt with a little chuckle.
About a two weeks ago I got the opportunity to go to the zoo and work. I forgot to take my bracelet off at home and not thinking more of it had it on as I dealt with every regular and dirty activity a normal day includes. Well Dorothy, my dear friend and the zookeeper I often work with, saw it & thought it was pretty. I revealed how I got it. She then looked closer and said that she thought it was real diamonds. I kinda lost my breath. she tole me how to get it checked and I have been wondering until today.
While just wandering my mall today after my meeting I mentioned this and so Karrie, one of my managers, decided we would do just that. We walked over to ZALES and the gentle man gladly took my bracelet to test. He returned and non challantly said, it is real. I couldnt say anything but WOW. Karrie had to put it back on me and answer the gentleman with his friendly questions.
I now want to be slightly more careful with it and will not wear it to the zoo, but it is coming for story telling tonight to bible study and mini golf.
So, the question is, since I now own a diamond bracelt, can I still claim to not be a jewlery person? We will se how life continues. I guess I should be fulfilled having every girls best friend.

-We counted last night at bible study. The total came to 39. 5 clusters of 7 in the shape of daisy's and then 4 larger stones dispersed between the clusters. I am still in shock.