Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just like the glass slipper

Well one of my errands today led me into a store that I rarely frequent. I had a goal and a point and tried to stay on track, but like most activities I got distracted.
You see this year my church group from El Cajon is having a semi formal New Years Eve party. (sorry Sam I will be occupied on your b-day)
I am pretty excited, for several reasons. One simply because I get to dress up. Another because now being 27 this will be my first official dress up new year shindig, and who better to celebrate with than my peers in the body of Christ.
Since I found out about it there have been a few things running thru my head. Kenton, one of the guys planning it, is really pushing the theme and everyone to be Black and white in their dress choice. So I sit and wonder, hmm what to wear. I did have a formal black dress about 8 years ago, but I kinda want something I feel extra cute in. The conspiracy that every woman has a little black dress, which I came across and strugled with before I went on my trip to Saint Louis, is unfortunatly not true in my case.
So as I wandered I saw some possible dress up options today. I figured no harm in trying them on. I grabbed three and went to do just that.
I put the first one on and was amazed. It was fabulous! Comfortable, cute, covered all the necessary places, fit just right and was not so TRENDY that I will never be able to wear it ever again. I felt kinda like a princess. The other two dresses did get tried on, but mostly so I did not waste the fact that I carried them to the dressing room with me. The first one was defenetly not something I could leave behind.
One of the best parts was that I had a gift card in my wallet and after taxes it cost me $5.
I am even more excited now. The bad part is that now I want new shoes....I will try and hold that urge off, but I have already been looking. hee hee.

The soundtrack

In my adventures of the day and roaming about with my errands, I was in the mood to sing and wiggle.
I pulled out on e of my favorite artists from my CD case and while enjoying my really loud spakers, I started thinking.
Carolyn Dawn Johnson not only is an awesom singer of which I can sing to a majority of her songs really to apply to my life either something from past future, hopes, or current life feelings or experiences.
This lead me to the thought.... If I had a soundtrack for my life it would mostly be made up of her songs and of course everyones favorite beach boys #1 hit.

I would buy it!

I think it is a record

Yesterday was not so productive, as noted in my previous post, well that is until I actually tried to go do something.
Just as I started to gather my things to head out the door my phone rang. It was a good friend whome I have not talked to in over a month, then as we chatted on with our life updates and questions, another good friend called.
So after after I completed one conversation I gladdly jumped into another. Then it was off to Bible study with me. On the way there I was able to be an ear to one of my goodfriends who happens to live here in San Diego. I was feeling rather productive in the social realm.
Then dinner and Bible study and more great interaction, updates and prayer for each other.
On my way home is when the interesting things started happening.

I saw a shooting star. I got home safely (with my lights on this time, unlike on the way there-God watches me I know and am so thankful). the shooting star was exciting and I was gonna blog about it as it was, but aparently it was not over.

Well once I got home I partook in yet another conversation via phone.

As time went on and sometime between the end of Bible study and the end of our early morning conversation, I saw 5 shooting stars. I don't think I had seen more than one ever in the past and so I was kinda amazed.
I did not make any wishes (I can do that at work) but it was exciting none the less. So I can say God literally showed me something last night. I am not gonna read more into it right here but it defenetly was a treat. I wonder how many I will get to see in the future. Maybe I am living in falling star territory, that would be a cool place to live.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

can't get anything done

for no good reason,
I have been the queen of procrastination.

Today I have managed to do absolutly nothing productive and I have plenty of things I should be doing.

I have managed to waste a good part of my day just hanging out with my cat and I also ate a whole box of macaroni on my own.

Hopefully writing this will inspire me to get outta the house and actually run some errands before Bible study tonight.