Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What is going on

Yeah yeah I have seemed to vanish but my blog is back.

God has been keeping me extra busy and tired but that is gonna get better.
I got fulltime at the zoo and will for the first time in my life have a regular, steady, day only, work schedule.
I might go bonkers. Though I may have the same days off every week I most likely will not ever get to go to day services in church on Sundays for along time. This Sunday I am gonna probably be at Upper Room for the last time. And after that it will be night service at Mid Cities from now on. Yes I will be returning from la la land.
This past week I had that great news and I also lost my kitty which totally sucked. he fell out the window on Friday afternoon and we can't find him. So no animals for the animal keeper.
Brian and I are doing well. Everyday I continue to be with him I realize how much God really did make him for me. and I am so excited to marry him.

The wedding plans are going and I am feeling more confident but a lot more stuff to go.

I don't know there is so much stuff to write.

This last weekend went well and I got to meet Brain's fathers side of the family and he got to meet some of my fathers side, who were visiting from New Mexico.

I worked with new animals today at the zoo and successfully did not die. What a goal to have huh.

well I need to go recoup from my day and plan for another early 4am wake up.
I promise I will not take so long to update.