Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I thought they were great days seeing how they tended to hold great things for me these last 2 months.

I met Brian on a tuesday. I had my zoo interview on a tuesday, I got to go officially start my zoo paperwork today (tuesday) Things were good, that is until about 90 min ago.

I tend to get tired easily, and while driving on a warm afternoon (at least it was warm in my car) I tend to drift off. I was trying to get to a safe place and thought I was doing okay and then POP! I hit the back bar on a big rig. I don't think he even felt it, and they did not stop or slow down at all. Sad day!

well Now I get to get in touch with my insurance company and cannot quite celebrate the end of my credit card debt like I had planned. It only ripped my fender and the car works just fine. well God kept me safe at least but I am a bit sad.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am gonna get paid for scooping poop.

The Interview tuesday went well and I got a call back on Thursday afternoon. I was in new mexico when I got said message thru my father and after a bit of phone tag and fighting off some nausea I got the news. Woo hoo!!

So here i come again moving for the 3rd time in 8 months, and I am sure one more is in the near future.

I still technically have to pass a physical but all should be good, as long as I don't break a hip before the 26th. then my 2 week notice for my chief position at BABW. So, that gives me about a month to get it all situated and start yet another of my what seem habitual Long Distance Relationships. the only thing that is okay about this is I know God totally has a plan in this relationship.

so it has only taken 5 years but at least the day has finally come!!