Friday, October 17, 2008

This will so be my life some day

Sadly this is a little too realistic. I guess I am not alone in this world there are other guys out there as opinionated as Brian.
I should start a Wife's support group.
our candy deprived children could play together.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Geek home improvement

Apparently this is the proper way to test the smoke alarm. 
I guess I should be glad that it was only a replica or I might have a skylight now.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Like reuniting with an old friend

I love this site and it has been way too long since my last visit.

In my brain recovery/veg time after work today I went for a visit.
Now there are lots of new videos since my last romp around the site sometime before I got married.

One of the cool things you can do is suggest things for them to blend. well about a year ago, Brian and I made a suggestion and today i found out that they listened. 

Ahhh, it is nice to see your ideas in motion!

Zookeeper appreciation Continues

Here is a lovely picture of Me with Dottie the Clouded Leopard on my lap. Pretty cool.

Well one of the coolest things I found this week was a package of fruit snacks and a little note from my mom. Thank you for the special zookeeper week surprise it really was special!! 

Never has it been done before

So today is system administrator day!!!

woo hoo, don't miss the parade.

So I made special Unix and debian (amoung others) cookies for my husband and his crew at work!


It's system administrator appreciation day. I appreciated mine did you appreciate yours.

I accidentally posted just the title and my siblings took it the wrong way. 


look at the other post.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ah a week for me.

July 20-26th 2008 is National Zookeeper appreciation week. 

Woo hoo! a whole week to honor those who like me, scoop exotic poop.

It has been a nice week so far filled with free food and a bit of fun but boy was I exhausted yesterday (my friday).

I am now working on a special project for my husbands one day ( no week for him) of appreciation.

Friday July 25th this year is System administrator day. I guess I should make some specialness crammed into one day for him.

Well I should get working so I can get my projects done. 

Go appreciate someone today!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

okay I am alive

Yeah I know I seemed to have disappeared off the planet.

I guess Really I got swallowed up by Sand Diego
 county and have finally emerged.

so here are some quick up dates,
      I am doing okay at my zoo job. I am learning a ton and getting lots of new experiences. I do miss working with the mammals a little though. I have had to start doing exercises   after work due to my decreased lugging, not as much raking and no wheelbarrows needed.
Brian and I are still not sick of each other even after almost 4 months together.
Our home, guest room included is finally organized and feels so nice to have things with a place.
My car is paid off thanks to Brain's company getting purchased.

I am becoming more iPhone savvy, oh no my husband is rubbing off.

I miss church and my social life. When I do get to go to church it is Saturday nights and I don't know anyone, except my husband who normally sits with me.

I guess I will post a picture.
This is from our honeymoon but many think it should represent a true bad hair day. This is why conditioner was invented.  


Thursday, May 08, 2008

A princess or a tom boy

That is what she will be.
Paige Marie Luster. Born this morning. Yeah the mystery baby that my sister was carrying revealed herself today.
Oh a little girl. I am so going dress shopping, in the baby Section that is. But with 3 older brothers and and older male cousin, she may be a starwars/paintball queen. either way I am super excited to have a girl closer.

And my two other neices will be closer soon too!!

WOW! I just realized I have 4 nieces and 6 nephews, oh that is 10

Thursday, May 01, 2008

And this little one went.....

Pigs... I have been a fan of them for about 10 years now. But Now we have an infestation.

It is kinda a family tradition when a sibling gets hitched to raid their home while they are honeymooning.
We we were not spared. and everyday since we got pack we have had a little surprise hiding somewhere unknown.
Thanks to My brother and and Accomplice our home was infested with Neon pink pigs in Lieder hosen. They did have a small brick house but obviously had out grown it. because they were and are still everywhere you would ever think and those places you would not.
Here is one of the culprits below.
I have more descriptive pictures to share later (my mom has them right now, in her camera)
but here are some of the places I found them:
ON the celing, in the sheets, in the toilet paper/paper towel rolls. hanging in the pipes under the sink. under the kitchen cabinets, in the ice dispenser of the fridge, on top of the ceiling an blades. staring at you in the shower, in DVD Cases, chopped in the blender, in our luggage, inside of presents, oh and so many more places.

I enjoy finding them everyday and will honestly be sad when they have been discovered. We have already found several hundred, I will have to get a full count.

We have not discovered one yet today. I know there must be one hanging out. Where could he be. I give you an update when he is discovered.

New Home or Bomb Site?

That is pretty much the question I ask myself as I look at the current organization, or lack of, in my home.

It is very frustrating and all I can do is try and stay motivated for those little victories and clean spots.

Our house seems to get better just to get worse again. watch the following progression:
1. arrive home lots of presents everywhere (cool)
Open presents, lots of wrapping trash everywhere
get rid of trash and it feels better.
2. with lots of presents everywhere, still cool but space consuming, Do laundry before Criuse
get all laundry clean, only pack and fold half of it due to time left before ETA.
thus living room is filled with piles of laundry.
3. after trip luggage barely makes it inside before it explodes adding to the mahem.
crazyness, so we ignore it as long as possible (almost a week)
4. open new things and get Kitchen stuff reorganized.
Boxes and packing materials are everywhere as well as most of the kitchen's current inhabitants due to having to find New locations for much of it.
But it is so fun and exciting to get to try your new stuff anf make it our home, not HIS.
Finally after about 12 trips we get all the trash/boxes/and packing out. feels good to have one room in order.
5. Go shopping for the things that did not get purchased ( yeah for gift cards)
Come home and open and fill up the didning area with more boxes and packaging.
More trips to the dumpster to save our sanity.
6. Finally Decide that enough is enough, attack the Laundry and luggage.
Wash all the currently dirty things
(find out exaclty how handy your new sorting hamper is. I love it!)
Wash all day in little shifts
Try and be motivated to get it all neat, folded and organized, as well as fold the current piles of closes left from the beginning of April.
Get about 3/4 of the way and get distracted.
Now stuck in a living room of piles, neatly folded try to get motivated to find it all a home (mixing Brian's old plan with our current needs)

>>>I actually have to get back to the damage control. Only to feel good till the next project happens. I think it may be Bedroom rearrangement or Spare room organization (it is currently a disorganized hodge podge of things I don't want to deal with right now)

The clean and explosive nature of my hose and it's contents is continuing to cycle but all I can do is pray that it will soon find a calm place in the commotion.

My goal is to get it decent before my Job starts. HA HA, I am running outta time. I think I start in the Bird Department next week, if I pass my physical tomorrow.

I guess I might have to come up with a Plan B.

Monday, April 28, 2008

God's Timing

He is in control totally. The older I get and the more experiences I have with Him working in my life it is a little easier to know and see that it is all him, everything that happens in my life.

As some of you know I left my LA Zoo job (with lots of sadness), and Moved to El Cajon with Brian. Unsure what I was gonna do employment wise I was kind looking forward to just being a wife for a bit.
I did apply to several places, just in case, before our wedding. God does great things but you have to do some work too. So off we go getting married and dissapearing for over 2 weeks on our honeymoon.
well as soon as we arrive back to Long Beach I had a message about an Interview at the San Diego zoo. the next day I got another call for a different position. WOW. I had honestly applied there for over a year and only received one interview a year before. So this was a great suprise 2 in a week.
God had his plan and because I trusted him and was willing to go on his timing and not when I was ready it seems to have worked out perfectly.
Wednesday I had an interview with the same 2 ladies that I interviewed with 1 year ago. It went really well, except for my lack of knowing any scientific names. Much more relaxed. God had given me a whole year to grow and learn and mature at LA. I could tell the difference and just the atmosphere in the room was lighter and easier.
Well they told me they would call people Monday (today), but Friday afternoon I got a call and got some great news.
I was offered a job at the San Diego zoo. This is so great and so exciting.

so know that he is in control because if you let Him do some of the dirty work you can enjoy the ride more.

Becoming Mrs. Bennett

Well I have completed my name changing which was difficult, and have already received my first confirmation.
My social security card arrived and all is going smoothly.

I have been married almost a month now and it is going well but really fast.

Our home is nice but still a major work in progress.

and I definitely have to practice my autograph. I often seem to write Bemnette, or bemmett. my hand moves faster than my letter control. it will come and learning to write a B will take time.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life and Times of RLB

Well Life has definitely not slowed down since I became a Bennett.
We had a great time with our family and friends at our wedding. I wish I could have bounced more. Thank you to all who helped before after during or just in mental support- i really needed that.
here are a couple of links of pictures from friends, enjoy!!
Hyper elbows's camera
A-ron's Camera (still working on this one I will update)

We had a great time on our trip (Brian has the pictures I will get some up later) and we are barely getting back into the reality of life. We have only been home a week and already some big things have occurred. Pray for Brian and his possible promotion. I have had 2 interviews at the San Diego zoo which would be awesome to get. i don't find out until at least Monday.
A great deal of my days have been spent trying to become Mrs. Bennett, at least letting all my companies I do business with, know that I am now a Bennett. I still have to work on my autograph.

I feel like I puttered my day away so I should get back to being slightly productive.

I will do my best to post a blog more often now.

It all come round

a lot has changed and I have not updated this in a while but it is kind funny how it all comes round.

I actually started this blog for when I was in San Diego and here I am full circle now spending the next chunk of my life as far as I know, in San Diego.

Hopefully for all of you (or the few of you) that will mean I will have more to update.

Maybe Mrs. Bennett is a better blogger.

Thursday, January 10, 2008