Thursday, April 12, 2007

You've been PINKED!!

This is a missions fundraiser my church group from San Diego was doing. The way it worked was you could pay $25 to have 25 flamingos put into an unsuspecting friends lawn/office, etc. Well this event has gone on for a couple of weeks and been pretty funny to see the results. well it ended today. So Me being the best girlfriend I could and also supporting my friends and the spreading of the gospel, I PINKED BRIAN.
Here is his house with a few unexpected guests over for bible study.

Now he knows a little of what it s like to be around Flamingos. He thought he was safe. Obviously he underestimated the power of a red head.

Do you want my autograph?

I got my Official uniform last Friday and got to wear it for the first time on Tuesday. I like the jacket the most, even though it is really a bit large. I feel official and must have looked it due to some of my responses from strangers while stopping at the store on the way home.
The common first question is "What do you do?" I respond,"I am a zoo keeper." then they usually ask me what I work with, and whether or not I have gotten bit.
One lady actually asked what a zoo keeper did. I figured everyone over 5 already knew the answer to that.
It was fun. I felt like a celebrity. I like wearing MY Jacket.

Snow leopards, Tigers and Bears...oh My!

Sounds scary I know but it is actually where I feel the most at home. I got a chance to escape the land of birds and Dorothy, the keeper I volunteered with for 4 years, stole me away and iIgot to officially train on her string. It was really cool to be back like old times since I have not gotten to work with her since December. One of the coolest parts is that now I had Keys.

As I go throughout the zoo during my days there are often little moments that catch my senses and make me step back and enjoy it a little more.
Footprints in the mud often do this to me. I will be doing the regular rake and clean routine preparing to open up and suddenly as I try to avoid the gooshy mud I get entranced by how cool and experience I get to have. How many people get to experience tiger, bear, or snow leopard prints. Even more the animals themselves.
Well on Tuesday I had another one of these moments. I was locking one of the multiple locks in the back area of tigers. While you are doing this you are literally inches from this:
and they really want to eat you. I was finishing locking and suddenly felt the hot breath of an angry tiger on my hand. WOW! How cool. I am glad I can experience some thing so unique , but I am also thankful to have both my arms and all of my fingers.

Me and my Blog.

I don't blog as much as I would like and often plan to. I will be out about in my day and experience something I really want to share and then I either don't get home with enough time or energy to even turn on my computer.
So, in this spirit I am gonna try and catch up.

I hope you enjoy the next couple posts. I am feeling like writing them in seperate posts because I want to give them each their own space. I know i am weird DEAL!