Wednesday, April 04, 2007

zoo news

Well the zoo is getting better. I feel more confident and more capable and yesterday really felt like part of the team and not just the little new girl who is learning. We laughed we worked we talked and did extra projects because I was there to help. usually it seemed like we were behind the days I would help but not so.
Friday and Saturdays are a little depressing being stuck in my little corner shack alone but I am getting a little better and I am getting done and out to help others and get a little human contact.
Yesterday I was working in the aviary, avoiding the white rain Jessica warned me about, and got bombarded. First by a group of 5 year old zoo campers who all wanted to ask the same question one after another. but I did like answering, "Are you a zookeeper?" For some reason I like saying yes to that one.
As I was cleaning and answering questions to the title of MRS. ZOOKEEPER, given to me by said campers, I got bombarded from behind, by a beak.
Flamingos are pretty skittish animals and most tried to stay away but in this enclosure there are 6 hand raised ones, they like to stay near you and in your way. Well I bent down to pick up my pile of poop I had raked and I could see in the the shaddow my attack approaching. Poke poke, right in the tooshie. Then, as I was hosing punch right in the back. Now don't worry, these did not hurt and actually are kinda cool to get because it means the birds were calm around me. Here is what my attacker looked like.

A Greater Flamingo.

we also have American

and Chilean Flamingos at the LA Zoo.

My mom says I am getting too smart if I can tell flamingos apart.

It is slowly seeping back

my sanity that is. I have had a much better week even though I as totally exhausted which has been the case since I moved from San Diego. thank you for all those who really have been praying for me, not only has it helped but it has encouraged me just knowing you are.
I have gotten to connect a bit here.I got to go to Bible study and Special Olympics and got to do some useless fun activities with Brian. Yes oddly enough the things that make my life bussier make me happier.
Thank you for all your prayers. I thank God for you guys being in my life, you help keep me out of the loony bin.