Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A whole new (old) world

well I started my new jobs this week.
Everyone asks me do I love it. Honestly I can't give them a real answer because it feels like the old times. I go to the zoo and because it is a new section to me, the aviary. It feels like I am volunteering again.
I started back as a manger at Downtown Disney yesterday. this was last minuite and I was kinda thrown into it. It still feels like I am visiting though. I am almost sure that I have been labled as mean already by at least a couple of people. They did not have keys for me, I was not in the computer and did not have acess to all the manager stuff I needed and I did not know where anything was. oops and I just realized that I forgot to fax something for a guest.
Hopefully by next week this will change. i will have had more time in the store and will actually be alone on a string at the zoo and I can then give a true answer. I hope this is what God truly called me right now to do. Because I kinda miss northern mexico!