Friday, December 29, 2006

Is my mission completed?

well yesterday was a lovely day for several reasons.
I got to see my best friend Jessica for the first time in a year. It is always nice to be with someone you totally connect with.
Brian came back and we got to share some time and some cookies while I was on break at work.
and for all of you BABW peeps just so you know I have been officially notified that our guitars are actially bass guitars for the bears. Ah, I have enlightened you all.

One of the most exciting and most confusing parts of my day happened between initial contact with Jessica and gettting to see Brian. I got a call from the zoo, and I officially have an interview for January 9th at 2pm (start praying please)This is for a half time position but hey it is a position.
So here God may flip me around yet again. It makes me wonder did God send me, like all of you assume, to meet someone and now that I have completed that He is sending me home? It is still over a week away and I am still very giddy about the whole thing but it is kinds sad to me too. Just as things at my store are getting great and just as I find a nice church and a nice gentleman, I might leave.
Brian is kinda sad but we are gonna enjoy the time till we find out what God is doing exactly. so today we are gonna go and dork it up respectivley. I am gonna get to see a huge room with servers in it, and then we are gonna go to the San Diego zoo so I can overwhelm him with my random animal excitement.
So pray please and I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Why don't sheep shrink in the rain?

If I knew I might have used that information to prevent myself from accidentally shrinking my sweater last night. oops!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Family time and tight jeans

well it has been nice having two days with my family. This time of year does not usually run smooth but regardless I enjoy every moment I have with my family.

Hanging out on my brothers bed in the morning, taking a nap on my other brothers bed in the after noon. Going to see a movie and just hang out with no particular plans. Just being with each other and being the big sister God made me to be.
Amidst all the fun I have a lot of laundry to do so in order to Go to said movie in public I had to trow on my old pair of wranglers. Those that have not known me since college I did have a little barn girl in me and I owned one pair of those cowgirl tight jeans. It was my last resort and luckily they still fit! (as good as wranglers should) It is an odd feeling and a rush of college memories came back when I first donned said denim leg coverings but I guess this is the time of year for memories so it is appropriate.

I test drove my new years dress yesterday and was not sure what the overall impression was of it. in fact the only comments I got were, one that they liked my shoes, and my uncle saying I looked hot (creepy!) So if you have any input I would greatly appreciate it.

Well my time has gone faster than hoped and I will miss my family by tomorrow night. Back to the crazy world of stuffing of which I am a part of.

And it is a good thing I am finishing my laundry because I think I might loose circulation from these jeans if I wear them too long.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Talk to my agent.

I am yet again in the media. I was at the zoo today and randomly got put on the news.

ABC and possibly FOX. It is always kinda fun.
This is not the first time I was on the television, I have even been on the silver screen, but it is becoming more frequent.
The funniest thing is the last time I visited home I was also on the news. Well I waas on TBN and my mom was on KCAL.
I think this should be a regular thing. So if you want me to visit better set up a media appointment. and I do sign autographs.

Ah I love LA Traffic!

And I am definitely not being sarcastic. In my small stay in San Diego county I have discovered that they Cannot drive.
So while on my trip to and from the zoo, in peak traffic time I was actually enjoying myself just due to the simple fact that the cars moved better than the freak out drivers in San Diego.

Too bad I have to go back in the morning.

The unveiling

So here is a lovely pictoral representation of Brian and I. This was taken a week ago at his company Christmas party. I think he likes this picture better than the company beach towel he got that night.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I told you so... something I have been hearing a lot of latley.

When I first got the news that I was leaving for Chula Vista, many were sad, many happy and many offered up their prophesy as to wh I was moving.

This said guess mostly came from the ladies. Yes, it was claimed that God was sending me here to find someone, not just to open a store. I kinda laughed and shrugged it off, thinking whatever.
Well I have been here over 2 months now and times have been good and bad. But ever since I found a great church group it has only gotten better.
Met new friends, have a place and people to worship with and pray with/for, and really finally for the fist time in a while have a social life.
Well because of this said church, I have found more than a friend it seems, and may have made many of you right. In the past week or so when I have been sharing with people this has happened to come up and often I hear, "See, I knew God sent you down there for a reason."

I am excited and very happy. ( and tired in a good way) I think I have spent like 6-10 hours with him everyday if not in person, over the phone. It is awesome to have someone in which you are totally relaxed around and also find yourself being totally open and honest about everything.
So Yes, you told me so, now I am gonna enjoy it the best I can, wii and all!

and if you want details I would be glad to dish next time we talk. hee hee

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sleep is a good thing!!

Too bad I can't seem to get much ( never mind the time I am writing this post.)

In the past week I have been lucky to get 4 hours of rest a night. This would not be so bad except it is the holidays and I am running a retail store, and everyother day I end up with a 30 min drive home at all hours of the night.

Now this lack of sleep is by choice, in a sense. Instead of snoozin my evenings and wee morning hours I have been chattin it up. Then going to work only to do it yet again. This may not be the healthiest activity but at least I have good company!

This company has come unexpectanly and kinda suddenly. But I have enjoyed every sleepless minuite, and those few moments in which I did rest in the middle (oops, sorry) and man is time flying past.
Now time is getting short and I will soon be up in Long Beach and in for a quick zoo trip and visit with Mid cities C&C group. I still have so much to do before then and really not sure when exactly to do it.

Wow Chirstmas is already here it seems. I still have a few things to accomplish before then and complete with at least one or two more sleep deprived nights. Lets just pray I don't get sick.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just like the glass slipper

Well one of my errands today led me into a store that I rarely frequent. I had a goal and a point and tried to stay on track, but like most activities I got distracted.
You see this year my church group from El Cajon is having a semi formal New Years Eve party. (sorry Sam I will be occupied on your b-day)
I am pretty excited, for several reasons. One simply because I get to dress up. Another because now being 27 this will be my first official dress up new year shindig, and who better to celebrate with than my peers in the body of Christ.
Since I found out about it there have been a few things running thru my head. Kenton, one of the guys planning it, is really pushing the theme and everyone to be Black and white in their dress choice. So I sit and wonder, hmm what to wear. I did have a formal black dress about 8 years ago, but I kinda want something I feel extra cute in. The conspiracy that every woman has a little black dress, which I came across and strugled with before I went on my trip to Saint Louis, is unfortunatly not true in my case.
So as I wandered I saw some possible dress up options today. I figured no harm in trying them on. I grabbed three and went to do just that.
I put the first one on and was amazed. It was fabulous! Comfortable, cute, covered all the necessary places, fit just right and was not so TRENDY that I will never be able to wear it ever again. I felt kinda like a princess. The other two dresses did get tried on, but mostly so I did not waste the fact that I carried them to the dressing room with me. The first one was defenetly not something I could leave behind.
One of the best parts was that I had a gift card in my wallet and after taxes it cost me $5.
I am even more excited now. The bad part is that now I want new shoes....I will try and hold that urge off, but I have already been looking. hee hee.

The soundtrack

In my adventures of the day and roaming about with my errands, I was in the mood to sing and wiggle.
I pulled out on e of my favorite artists from my CD case and while enjoying my really loud spakers, I started thinking.
Carolyn Dawn Johnson not only is an awesom singer of which I can sing to a majority of her songs really to apply to my life either something from past future, hopes, or current life feelings or experiences.
This lead me to the thought.... If I had a soundtrack for my life it would mostly be made up of her songs and of course everyones favorite beach boys #1 hit.

I would buy it!

I think it is a record

Yesterday was not so productive, as noted in my previous post, well that is until I actually tried to go do something.
Just as I started to gather my things to head out the door my phone rang. It was a good friend whome I have not talked to in over a month, then as we chatted on with our life updates and questions, another good friend called.
So after after I completed one conversation I gladdly jumped into another. Then it was off to Bible study with me. On the way there I was able to be an ear to one of my goodfriends who happens to live here in San Diego. I was feeling rather productive in the social realm.
Then dinner and Bible study and more great interaction, updates and prayer for each other.
On my way home is when the interesting things started happening.

I saw a shooting star. I got home safely (with my lights on this time, unlike on the way there-God watches me I know and am so thankful). the shooting star was exciting and I was gonna blog about it as it was, but aparently it was not over.

Well once I got home I partook in yet another conversation via phone.

As time went on and sometime between the end of Bible study and the end of our early morning conversation, I saw 5 shooting stars. I don't think I had seen more than one ever in the past and so I was kinda amazed.
I did not make any wishes (I can do that at work) but it was exciting none the less. So I can say God literally showed me something last night. I am not gonna read more into it right here but it defenetly was a treat. I wonder how many I will get to see in the future. Maybe I am living in falling star territory, that would be a cool place to live.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

can't get anything done

for no good reason,
I have been the queen of procrastination.

Today I have managed to do absolutly nothing productive and I have plenty of things I should be doing.

I have managed to waste a good part of my day just hanging out with my cat and I also ate a whole box of macaroni on my own.

Hopefully writing this will inspire me to get outta the house and actually run some errands before Bible study tonight.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Do I know you?

Last night I went to the ballet. It was pretty neat. I found myself entranced at times with how big some of the dancers calf muscles were. yep that is how me and my random mind go.
I had a good time and of course lots of conversation.

As I was talking to my company of the evening I hit upon a common occurance in my life. People at church joke that you are only 3 degrees of seperation from Rhonda and it alswyas comes out in the funniest ways but often poses true, especially in the southern baptist realm.
Well last night at intermission I was not really expecting to find any kind of past link between us. Then out it popped. Durring intermission we got back into our conversations and I was telling him how we had gone to several churches growing up. Well I had discussed this before but it was not until I used the church Name, Truett, did he suddenly perk up and put my story on hold.

the creeepy discovery is that I had met his great aunt and not only that is that she was my oldest sisters piano teacher. Creepy yet cool as it usually is.

So The night was good as was the information I wonder who I will meet next of whome I am already connected to.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Following by example

Okay, some may disagree and most will laugh and just shake their head but here is a little information and kinda a thought of my day.

First some background. The WWJD campaign really came out when I was just starting college. I understood the meaning but never jumped on the bracelet bandwagon. I am famous for my not worth a chuckle jokes and humor. So thinking in that mind frame here are a couple things or ways I know you can be like Jesus.
So today I was very tired and was very thankful to have the opportunity to take a nap, it rocked. Well basically I had a sudden thought, " Wow, I am so thankful Jesus took naps in the bible too!"
He is a wise Lord indeed, and I will gladly follow His ways, especially after how much better I felt when I woke up.

This thought brought up a past corney statment of mine from the past. If you leave the front door open behind you, my family often will make the comment, "Where you born in a BARN" though I did later live in one it did not help my cause or circumstance. Until my eppiffany one day. I realized when some one said that you could respond, "No but I trying to be more like Jesus."
Okay it is pretty bad and not so funny but I can't help but crack a little smile and my revelation. The nice thing is that I know Jesus still loves me even with my lack of humorous ability.

Flannel sheets

Due to the encouragement of my dear friend Jaclyn I decided to get myself some flannel sheets. It helped that I could get thewhole queen size set in a color I liked for $20. I bought them in honor of my birthday back in october but had yet to try them...that is until last night.
Yesterday before my shift I spent some time cleaning and reorganinzing my small cubby of a room. Mostly due to my want to clean out and empty my car in case I had to give Gary (from church) a ride to the airport, which did indeed happen.
Well in my state of reorganization I decided it might be a good chance to impliment the sheets. I had heard good things from several people and due to the chill in the air and my lack of natual body insulation, I hoped these might prove to be extra cozy. They indeed were.

The only problem is I only got to sleep for 2 hours inorder to get up for prayer meeting this morning. I think I may be turning in extra early tonight to fully enjoy my investment.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Not totally oblivious

Well I have been having a great time hanging out and meeting new people with my new church.
One particular new accuaintance happens to be of the male pursuasion. When I met him a week ago at bible study I had a little hunch that he might like me. Well we have gotten the opportunity to talk several times in a group setting so far. I have enjoyed the conversations and it is always nice to get to know new people.
Last night we got to hang out and chat one on one with some hot beverages in hand. Good times and good information. It was good and long as my chats tend to be.

Tonight was bible study yet again and yet another meeting with said gentleman. At the end of the evening schedules were swapped. We realized I had Friday evening free and now I think I have a DATE!!
He asked if I would want to go to the theatre and I said sure (thinking with my feeble mind-a movie) and he came back with "well I will try and pick you up" and "we will go to the Ballet, so dress up a bit" WOW.
Haa I know I can be a bit ignorant about these things at time but I am pretty sure this constitutes a date especially since I am pretty sure it is not a group adventure.

I am now stuck due to my recent revelation as to what to wear and I get to experience the Ballet for the first time. Oh what new adventures will I come upon next.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Ah, the Perks

A great deal of hard work goes into running a store and on top of that it is not so easy being away from my family and good friends. Yes, things are better but it is always nice to look at the perks of where I am.
Being the Chief at a store where half my employees are mexican I get real homemade mexican food as a treat from their moms. Ahh delicious. I just thougth I would put a little note on how awesome that is before I go into a happiness coma after scarfing down to tamales that Karina brought to me at work today!! I was a little sad that there was enough to share, haa haa.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The nativity on the silver screen

Well I got to see it last night with all my fellow church going folk. Our church is really into because our pastor Dr. Jeremiah has written a sermon seris, a book and a tract all to go around this new movie.
Besides that fact that I have found out with each even that this group really needs help in their panning and executing events. If mid cities college and career group had one to a movie we would have had more than 6 people there and this group is about 5 times bigger. Maybe I will be able to help in that way.

Ok on the the movie! It was to quote my new church friend Kelly, "Special". haa haa.
Most of the movie was about Mary's life and what she went thru and all that which I thought was fairly accurate is at least a good glimps. Like many supposedly bible based big screen productions there were a few things I myself knew were a little wrong.

They did not have Gabriel stand beside the altar and speak to Zacchariah. it was just a voice in the incense. (I guess this looks cooler than a guy standing there).

They did have the maji show up at the same time as the shepheards at the place of birth even though they did not meet with herod until after jesus had been born but that does not take away from the story too much. along the lines of maji again they skipped the dream telling them not to go back to Herrod. They just made it an inkling.

Just on my own note period. There is never a mention of a donkey in the bible for this event but I guess it was normal way to travel if you have to take your wife 100 miles.

I was a little sad that they tried to explain the star. they said it was two planets and a star all comig together. that would have been fine but as you can tell even in the movie they had great star records and logs and venus and saturn did not align and make a star it would have been in the records. i researched this about 4 years ago and there is no expliation for it except an act of the Lord. But I guess it is easier to explain it with fake science in a movie.

I was glad they did not make Mary a sinless girl like the catholic church protrays her. She had a little attitude at time and I was glad they showed her a s a real girl. A little strong willed but hey, realistic in my view.

I also liked how they made story situation we have heard for years more realistic like Especially when Joseph was looking for a place to stay in bethlehem, the frantic husband looking for a place because his wife is in labor, I was glad they did it thst way, and it gave me a little chuckle.

Overall it was good. I found fewer innacuarcies than I did in the passion and they actual got a bit of humor in there with the maji (who honestly you can look at one of them as witnessing in a way to his fellow maji) and some of the comments made in good taste, will make you giggle. It actually did show to the best of my knowledge what it would have been like for Joseph and Mary in their life, time and jouney. Especially when Joseph was looking for a place to stay, the frantic husband looking for a place because his wife is in labor, I was glad they did it thst way.

See it if you want or even better take a friend so you can talk about it afterwards.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Starbucks oops

My friend posted about starbucks and so it inspired my little note on my visit.

I do not drink cofee so starbucks is not a normal visit location for me. But My Bearitory leader was here and seeing as how she is addicted and she was buying I ordered my regular treat when the occasion arrises.

Hot chocolate with rasberry.

well we sat down, she got her regular bold and I waited. I then got my toasty drink a few minuites later.
I noticed it was different it had little red sprinkles on the whipped cream. I just thoguth it was a little holiday touch. then the sip.

It was not what I wanted it was pepermint not Rasberry. oh sad day for my sweet tooth. see as how I was in a meeting of sorts I did not say a thing and was thankful for my warm drink.

I guess I just wished that seeing as how it was slow in the cafe and three people behind the counter would making 3 drinks would ensure that rasberry does not get mixed with pepermint.

I am glad this was not an addiction of mine I may not be back for a while.

Are they sick of me yet?

Well God is really keeping me busy, but in a good way. For those of you who really know me you know that I am constantly busy. I get in volved with everything I possibly can I cram activities into spots in my day which really are my only time to rest. This is just how God made me and honestly that is when I am the happiest. Due to this I had a clarifying moment yesterday.
Since I moved all I have had to keep me busy was Build a Bear. So that is what I was spending all my time on. The reason I am able to see this is that I now have other things to do and the fog is clearing.
I have been doing more and more with Church. Tuesday night was Bible study. I got there late but just in time for food. There were lots of people who I had never seen at the prior events I had gone to which is great. it is a pretty large group at church. They were much more social and easier to meet people at this bible study. Lots of guys but only like 7 girls. I had a good time but the lesson was defenetly not as great as it has been at mid cities. Overall it was good and worth another visit. I did get invited to a social gathering on friday so we will see how that goes.
Tonight I am going to my church's preview of the Nativity movie. I am not usually the type to jump out and see these movies. I actually will probobly be super picky and pick the movie apart. Maybe I need an attutude check. But it is another chance to meet and connect with more people. I hope I don't make them sick of me. I was gonna go to 5 am prayer with the group today but my body refused. and it is probobly good I did not, seeing as how I have to work today.
I feel so social this week I have something planned every night. last night got canelled due to a friends proposal needing some final tweaking. But I got some rest.
well I should get my bills paid and run off to work.What adventure will I experience today?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

use it while I can

The internet is working so I am gonna update while I have the chance.

well God has really taken over and I am so glad He has.

I don't know why I try and do it myself so much, especialy when i know how nice it is when I let Him do all the work.

I have driven away from my current location every week at least once in the past month. it gets pretty overwhelming ans boy do the mile rack up.

I am no longer a workaholic which was not a good experience.

I gave Shadow mountain Church a second chance and it was a great thing. I met people I went hiking with a group and got to get to know them and run out of gas in the mountains (sound familiar?) Now I am pretty much forcing myself on them by going to every single activity possible including Bible study tonight. It is a nice group. lots of people my age an not just college girls (no offence to the girls at home). The pastor is a great speaker and teacher and the service has awesome worship with hymns and new choruses. I am still getting used to the fact that the service is being webcast and I have no Idea who anyone in the service is.
They are setting up new york city at church this weekend complete with a taxi and a working Ice rink. Everyone has been praying for cold weather and due to my need of more blankets on my bed and all the shivering going around I know God heard them.
Tonight I am going to try the bible study and see how that goes. If I make it in time I will get free dinner-yeah!!
Work is well exept the bussiness is gone. I am afraid I will not make some of my requirements by the end of the season. It is not as busy as they had hoped for us. Pray the shoppers come. I keep promising my employees that hours will increase and I have to keep sending them home early instead.
On my last trip up to Orange county yesterday I got to go help with operation Christmas Child, and guess who was there! Franklin Graham, not that I am a groupie or anything but it is still pretty cool. My mom got interviewed by chanel 9 news and I got interviewed by TBN. Too bad I had to close my store that night and couldnt see either.
Okay well there is my little update. My internet is working for the moment so I will try and update on a more regular basis as long as it lasts.
Thank you for thinking about me, it really helps to have your prayers and things are getting better all the time.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Not gonna happen

Wouldn't you know that now that I have more time at home , my internet is down. sorry I can't update but I figured I should at least give you the heads up that it is not by choice. alrighty I have to go back down the state and go to work.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Stress relief

haa haa, this was some good quality time with my brother Sam. This is what happens when they send the wrong thing to the wrong location.

No more Maltipoo!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From the mouths of babes!

Working at Build a Bear you always get refreshing little conversations and a reminder about how simple life would be, simply by talking to Kids.
Today began a much needed pause in my crazy new store and position. I have two days off and decided I needed to head up (even though I always say down) to be with my family and be AWAY.
My two hour drive got a little tough so I called my sister for a stimulating phone conversation that would keep me awake as I drove. R3 and I chatted and then my 2 year old nephew Samuel stepped in.

Here is a picture of him making a silly face (see my mom in the background for reference)

Now I can't have a deep conversation with him unless it revolved around the blue truck he was trying to show me over the phone, but I played along and it was fun. His responses when audible are generally yeah, yes, no and I don't know or a vroom sound coming in regards to the truck.
I then decided I would talk to him about me being tired. I told him how I was really tired and asked if I should take a nap. He said yes, on a mat. I snickered a bit and then was prepared to go onto another topic. Well Samuel was determined to help Auntie Rhonda. He set the phone down and suddenly left. My sister thought his mind had turned from the conversation and he was on to bigger and better things ( yes there are things better than talking to me, shocking I know).
But lickety split he was back and ready to help. He had gone to the living room and grabbed his baby brother's nap mat and brought it in for me. He then took the phone and laid it on the mat so I could rest. Without skipping a beat he was there to make me feel better.
Boy, after working 8 days straight and sleeping about 4 hours a night and doing nothing else but working, this was the best thing that could have happened. The simplicity and the care was exactly the right balance and defenetly was a highlight to my day, well, that and the nap I took about 20 min later once I got to my parents house!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sleep, what is sleep?

Well my store is open, and boy has it been an adventure. We jammed through and got my store ready enough to open by Friday morning. I was making each days schedule the night before. I have such great BB's that they took it all in stride and with a great attitude. We have been blowing away the goals our company set which is always exciting. I have my own mini Disney right here in San Diego County.
The only struggle with all of this is my lack of rest. Last weekend was my St. Louis trip and due to time changes and other personal activities I did not get enough rest. then I came off that to drive up to say goodbye to Jaclyn, my best friend, because she was moving to Israel and left Tuesday night. That was tough.
Wednesday was my amazing b-day/shipment, and I am soo thankful for a HUGE back room. I worked like a 14 hour day, and really have not stopped with less than a 12 hour day since. I am exhausted physically but my body clock still wakes up at obnoxious hours.
Today I am taking a half day but the other half of my day is my sanity time, nothing is organized or labeled or drilled up in my back room, and I am gonna go crazy. So if God gives me the chance I am using my time off to... yea... work. I am such the wrong person to be on salary. I think when it is all over and done I will be making essentially 3.50 per hour.
I can't wait to get through my 1st week see what our typical traffic is and be able to actually rest!!

the best thing about being busy in regards to my back room is that boxes are slowly disapearing and there is less for me to deal with. Thanks for all your prayers they really help.

Missing home often, but I am excited for work.

No Un-Birthday here

(this was written on Wed. Oct. 25th-computer would not allow me to post it)

Yep, Yep, it is official, I am 27! It is kinda surreal. The funny thing is how much older it seems than 26. It is no longer just a touch older than 25. I know it is no big deal, but it is kind a weird.

Thanks to where my store issues have landed me I have a high stress and extra busy birthday. I get to go and receive all my stores merchendise and supplies TODAY!! and then I get to write 2 schedules tonight.
At least it should be fun having lots of people around, but it is work none the less. So, Happy Birthday to me and pray for my sanity, that it will not be replace with senillity.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Put me out of my Missourri

Ah well a weekend in the show me state was well....interesting. it was tough being a Southern California native and not going outside for 3 days straight, runs from the bus to the hotel and vise versa do not count because it was 45 degrees.
My First Chief meeting was pretty stinkin cool. lots of great new things and really it makes yo feel special and more a part of the company.
I did not enjoy leaving behind my spoild california life of no indoor smoking-gag!! My room smelled horrible BUT I loved the view from my window (above).
Here is proof it was not a poast card- Julie and I posed well I think.

I am totally messed up from the time zone swap and am very much looking forward to the extra hour this saturday night. I could probobly use it more today than otherwise but I will enjoy it whenever it may come.

I am glad to be home but getting a little nervous about the next few days!! 74 hours and counting till my store opens!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Might as well, Can't Dance

Growing up as (not sure exactly) a multi generation Southern Baptist, one thing is for sure, NO DANCING!
This year I learned of a bit of humor my parents used in college at CBU. Basically the answer to any question that involved a choice, they would answer, "Might as well, can't dance!" I find this funny and have actually used it in conversation with my brothers.
Well most of you know they are building my new store down here in Chula Vista and we only have 8 days to go. Because of the mall growing all around us and safety standards, in order to visit my location I have to have a hard hat. So, when it came to my head wear, would it be plain or ordinary or would I decorate it? Might as well, can't dance.

It definitley got some looks on the construction site, more so than just being a girl in a hard hat which is odd enough there.

This hard had was essential and I again showed the wisdome of my mother on Monday. I was having issues with my management team and had to come down to SD a day early. But though I was upset my mom again made me remember, that God has a purpose behind everything. I walked out the door that morning saying "I know." Yet I did not know what the purpose was.
I found out!
I get to my store and there is still no electrcity, which means, no computers, which means no merchandise, and everything is gonna be crazy because I leave for 4 days on Friday. I was able to contact the important people and get all that under control and remake all our plans. If I had not been there I would not have known and not been able to get our team back on the same page and rescheduled for the adventure ahead. All is well and in good hands.

Now I have to pack and do paperwork for tomorrow at 4 am I leave for my grand St. Louis trip. I know God has a purpose I just gotta keep my eyes open.

Ah, Technology

I appologize for being cut off from the world. My power supply in my laptop totally died and I had no acess. Many potential blogs did come across my mind in the weeks that passed but, I was unable to get them on here. There were attempts but about half way ( or sooner) my computer would decide it wanted to shut off anf all was lost and I was frustrated. Sorry But I'm back.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The border

Yep that is right. I was at the border. The famous fence and wall and the border patrol van had just cruised past.
We were actually at a mall. Notice the sign. "No parking for border crossing purposes"
I think that is about as close as I want to get.

Thankfully my mall is not exactly THIS close.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Not sure what to pray for

God seems to always keep me on my toes. I guess I don't get bored that way. Right now I am having a couple protential decisions and it is a little bit of a struggle in my head.
I am really having a great time in my new position and the chance to open a new store as a cheif above all that is AWESOME!! Things are shaping up and moving on as of last night I had 11 hired and a few more to call. I have a great team in a great location and a great company.
Tuesday I had to run to LA and I had an interview as an alternate for a full time keeper position. I was okay with this mentally because I figured no one would drop out, which they did not. BUT now I am being considered for 3/4 time position which is still pretty awesome. I would love to finally become a keeper and at LA would be even better.
Here is my conflict.
there is still a chance that I will not get the 3/4 time and actually I would almost personally not get it at the moment because I really want to finish at least opening this store for BABW. I want to be a keeper but I don't want to seem like a flake and leave my team and company hanging at a critical time.
I know God knows what He is doing. He has gotten me thru so much in the past that I honestly am not worried just a little confused. I have no doubt that whatever happens will be great and will be the best thing for me.
Pray for me, I guess the best request would be to pray that I stay calm and honestly follow and trust God as I always should.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rest, what is Rest?

Here is a glimps of our "authentic" team, and the grand introduction, Susan, Diana, Karrie, and Me. This is actually our completion of an assignment from Bearquarters. Oh, and for those that don't know 235 is what number my store is in the company. Just as a refrence Fashion Island was 33, a big change. We had a great time today with meetings and Ice cream, as well as being honked at several times as we tried to get our picture taken.

Besides the fun, my whole body feels tired and dried out right now and I have an interview at 4pm today. I just arrived in Long Beach from Chula Vista about 20 min ago. Well, I have to sleep for an hour before I head to LA. I have not been to the zoo in a while so it will be a refreshing visit minus my interview. I need an attutude adjustment about the whole thing though. Pray for me if you can. Thanks!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Much needed rest

I know I have not been gone long but I really did need a day away becuase it seems when I am in my home all I do is WORK, even on my time and days off.
Today was exactly what I needed, without even really knowing it. I got to see my family, talk to my sisters, see my sick grandma, play with the nephews and see great friends. Bonus suprises were getting to have birthday fellowship with my church family and my favorite-est show ever started a new round today, AMAZING RACE. (Sam and I are gonna apply when he turns 21)

All of those things are awesome and made my train trip totally worth it but what I have honestly missed is worshiping and SINGING in church. These last two weeks have been really crazy and a bit trying at work but it has been harder not having my church family. today i got to do that twice and just honestly enjoy my time with God as well as get challenged in both the services I visted.
I have not gotten to go visit any southernly located church potentials yet but, hopefully this week I will actually GO and start on my church hunt. Then I can hopefully find a new place to sing loud and off key on a weekly basis, if not more.
So, for all you C&C people, though I am excited that the friday night prayer meeting went well I am slightly envious of your experience. Honestly more excited to see what is going on in the MCBC C&C group than anything else.

Well, my whirlwind week begins again tomorrow and I know it will go well simply because of the great start that it had.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mi casa es loco!

Well this last span of time has been crazy and busy all wrapped into one never ending day it seems.

But in this short time I have had some experiences that truly show me where I am in the world.

On Sunday I went to Carls Jr. and got my 99cent chicken sandwich and a cup of water. Well I got my number and went to fill my cup and noticed something at the soda dispenser. The little tab that comes out of the tea or lemonade was labled in spanish~agua. Now I have seen this before but usually one will say water and another tab will say agua. This situation only one tab was availiable. I guess everyone is presumed semi bilingual here. This was picture worthy for me, but my camera would not cooperate.

My second experience was a little awakening as to my geogrphic location. I have been told, and looked slightly at the map, but had not realized how close I was to Mexico until yesterday. Our whole managment team drove to visit our studs and drywall store yesterday. Our district manager had mentioned that you can see the border from our mall and our Trainer did not believe. So, as we are all piled in to her rental car, she was determined to find it. At the mall's corner intersection we looked right and to her amazment that same road about 3 miles up the hill was the border crossing. this road has absolutly nothing developed around it as of yet so it is a clear path. You can see it! I live only 1 mile from this said intersection at my mall so it is pretty eye opening for me too. People will litterally be driving straight up the road from mexico to my mall.

Today could have just been a "cultural thing" or a stupid mom but boy it was shocking. I rode the trolly into downtown San Diego to buy train tickets for this weekend. My trip was sucessful, and completed quicker than I expected. I had splurged the extra 50 cents to get an all day pass so I decided to poke around the neighborhood a bit hopping on and off the trolly.
Well, as I got off at the city college I was suddenly horrified. I had just stepped onto the sidewalk and as I passed some people boarding I saw a baby strapped into an umbrella stroller being held by one handle bobbing behind this woman in a very precarious manner as the lady got in. The little girl was flipping and I was amazed at how trusting they were with the flimsy fabric as a restraint and safety device for their kid. I could not beleive that an adult would do such a thing. The saddest part was I immediatly thought, "That is why they make you take your kids outta the strollers for the Disney parking tram!" I guess I will never get away from Disney in my head. Now this trolly was much higher than the tram, the actual height of the inner seating area of the trolly is about 5 feet high. That little girl dangled as she was bumped up into the cab. Not exactly mom of the year.

Yeah Kinda lame experiences I am sure but they will be things I remeber as my integration into a new world continues.

WOW, life is different.

Friday, September 08, 2006

A bit of sad reality

I have decided that pay days are not exciting for me. They are just the days I get to pay more bills and realize that I have enough to survive for the next two weeks.
The saddest part is that today was the first day with my new raise. OH joy. I just hope I can make it okay. I feel like I am barganing through my budget. I am just relying on the fact that God will get me through.
Well, off to the store to buy my limited groceries to at least have some kind of fuel to run off of these next 2 weeks, well actually the next month. Oh dear October, come quickly for some financial breathing room.......I think.

Catching my breath

My two days at my new job had gone fairly well. My ant problem was in a cease fire mode. I even got to experience some of the social activities in San Diego with an old college friend.
But I guess I was not meant to relax just yet.
As many of you know my former roomate's father died suddenly this last weekend. Well, at 9pm Wednesday night I was informed that the service was 9:30 am Thursday morning in Brentwood ( ritzy LA). Man that put a big wrench in my commitments for work and my sleep time. Well, somehow I was able to get it all situated and make a sudden and long trip out to be there for my friend and her family. It was a nerve filled day and emotionally draining as well.
But as of 7am todayI arrived hoping to have a relaxing day off only to find the troops attacking again in full force only in a different part of my tiny abode. errr.
So the attack and clean up continues.
My team seemed to do okay solo yesterday even though I was MIA.

Well today is a new day and actually a day OFF!!
gotta catch my breath now before the whole race to hire and open a store starts again.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well I arrived in one piece at the bright hour of 3am this morning. I thought a quick set up of a litter box and food dish refill would do, and then off to catch at least 3 hours sleep would be the perfect plan.
Well I arrived only to discover that I had house guests MILLIONS of them. This was one of the largest yet most organized invasions I have seen. All over a sealed container of cat food.
So in the hopes of getting sleep I opted to let them roam until this evening when I came at them with full force hoping to either force a retreat or an extermination. I am not picky as to which as long as one happens. It has been about 30 min and not much change but I will see the change in the morning hopefully and I pray it will be much better.

My first day went well except for the fact that none of the materials we were supposed to have for our planning meeting have arrived. God is just keeping me on my feet.

Monday, September 04, 2006

And Away we go...

Well off I go to my big change and move down to the deep south of California. It is a big change for me to totally leave my support of family and friends but, I am excited for the new adventure that God is sending me on.
I just have a few last minuite things then my final road trip, for a while down to Chula Vista, will be at hand.
I am glad I have made some awesome friends and in a way extended my family here in orange county and will defenetly miss them, especially since they made my fairwell so memorable. Well I'm off to start the adventure and will keep you all posted.