Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life and Times of RLB

Well Life has definitely not slowed down since I became a Bennett.
We had a great time with our family and friends at our wedding. I wish I could have bounced more. Thank you to all who helped before after during or just in mental support- i really needed that.
here are a couple of links of pictures from friends, enjoy!!
Hyper elbows's camera
A-ron's Camera (still working on this one I will update)

We had a great time on our trip (Brian has the pictures I will get some up later) and we are barely getting back into the reality of life. We have only been home a week and already some big things have occurred. Pray for Brian and his possible promotion. I have had 2 interviews at the San Diego zoo which would be awesome to get. i don't find out until at least Monday.
A great deal of my days have been spent trying to become Mrs. Bennett, at least letting all my companies I do business with, know that I am now a Bennett. I still have to work on my autograph.

I feel like I puttered my day away so I should get back to being slightly productive.

I will do my best to post a blog more often now.

It all come round

a lot has changed and I have not updated this in a while but it is kind funny how it all comes round.

I actually started this blog for when I was in San Diego and here I am full circle now spending the next chunk of my life as far as I know, in San Diego.

Hopefully for all of you (or the few of you) that will mean I will have more to update.

Maybe Mrs. Bennett is a better blogger.