Thursday, December 21, 2006

Talk to my agent.

I am yet again in the media. I was at the zoo today and randomly got put on the news.

ABC and possibly FOX. It is always kinda fun.
This is not the first time I was on the television, I have even been on the silver screen, but it is becoming more frequent.
The funniest thing is the last time I visited home I was also on the news. Well I waas on TBN and my mom was on KCAL.
I think this should be a regular thing. So if you want me to visit better set up a media appointment. and I do sign autographs.

Ah I love LA Traffic!

And I am definitely not being sarcastic. In my small stay in San Diego county I have discovered that they Cannot drive.
So while on my trip to and from the zoo, in peak traffic time I was actually enjoying myself just due to the simple fact that the cars moved better than the freak out drivers in San Diego.

Too bad I have to go back in the morning.

The unveiling

So here is a lovely pictoral representation of Brian and I. This was taken a week ago at his company Christmas party. I think he likes this picture better than the company beach towel he got that night.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I told you so... something I have been hearing a lot of latley.

When I first got the news that I was leaving for Chula Vista, many were sad, many happy and many offered up their prophesy as to wh I was moving.

This said guess mostly came from the ladies. Yes, it was claimed that God was sending me here to find someone, not just to open a store. I kinda laughed and shrugged it off, thinking whatever.
Well I have been here over 2 months now and times have been good and bad. But ever since I found a great church group it has only gotten better.
Met new friends, have a place and people to worship with and pray with/for, and really finally for the fist time in a while have a social life.
Well because of this said church, I have found more than a friend it seems, and may have made many of you right. In the past week or so when I have been sharing with people this has happened to come up and often I hear, "See, I knew God sent you down there for a reason."

I am excited and very happy. ( and tired in a good way) I think I have spent like 6-10 hours with him everyday if not in person, over the phone. It is awesome to have someone in which you are totally relaxed around and also find yourself being totally open and honest about everything.
So Yes, you told me so, now I am gonna enjoy it the best I can, wii and all!

and if you want details I would be glad to dish next time we talk. hee hee

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sleep is a good thing!!

Too bad I can't seem to get much ( never mind the time I am writing this post.)

In the past week I have been lucky to get 4 hours of rest a night. This would not be so bad except it is the holidays and I am running a retail store, and everyother day I end up with a 30 min drive home at all hours of the night.

Now this lack of sleep is by choice, in a sense. Instead of snoozin my evenings and wee morning hours I have been chattin it up. Then going to work only to do it yet again. This may not be the healthiest activity but at least I have good company!

This company has come unexpectanly and kinda suddenly. But I have enjoyed every sleepless minuite, and those few moments in which I did rest in the middle (oops, sorry) and man is time flying past.
Now time is getting short and I will soon be up in Long Beach and in for a quick zoo trip and visit with Mid cities C&C group. I still have so much to do before then and really not sure when exactly to do it.

Wow Chirstmas is already here it seems. I still have a few things to accomplish before then and complete with at least one or two more sleep deprived nights. Lets just pray I don't get sick.