Tuesday, June 19, 2007

this weekends energy

Special Olympics State games just happened it was fun but really wore me out. Check out my team as we were leaving. Yes they won lots of medals and worked hard. We are the crazy coaches in long beach but we are okay with that, track has to be fun.
Brain even came saturday and sunday. It was quite the spectacle that Rhonda had a Boyfriend. It is a good thing I like him or I might have been uncomfortable.
I was glad he came but was expecting him to be more uncomfortable than he let on to be.
In fact he even made freinds with Dawn. Well she was all sniggly on him within 10 min. She is cute and so is he so I guess they do okay together.

Look at what a cute couple.
She did not want to walk anywhere without him that night.


my artistic skills

This fathers day over a bowl of jelly bellys my family started discussing the jelly belly art. They were bugging me that I had spread a majority of the beans on the table top and so I said i would do my aunts portrait with the spilled beans.
This is my Aunt Debbie.
This is my art.
I think I should retire from bean art.