Thursday, June 28, 2007

the details

well I am now engaged. I have been talking and telling this story so much my voice hurts. so now I am going to jot it down. Here is the grand event and all the details.

This last weekend Brian and I (though through a few set backs) were able to go up to Mount Shasta for my Friend Jill's wedding. We had a great time and I was happy to be there with him.
Sunday after a few short goodbyes to great friends we started on our 13 hour drive back to San Diego. Yeah it was as fun and comfortable as you could possibly imagine. Now Brian and I have been discussing marrying each other and had been mush with each other all weekend (we were at a wedding). I had bugged him a lot and kept saying I was gonna have a heart attack before he asked me. So he had to distract me with a lie. he said he had ordered the ring but the jeweler still had to do somethings to it and it would be several weeks before he had it. I was appeased slightly by that and just enjoyed being with him while I anxiously waited.

We finally made it home at 11pm. I was tired, even though he did a majority of the driving, and I had to get up at 330 to make it back to the zoo. As soon as we each made our necessary visits to the facilities it was time to rest...well at least I thought so.
I came out and the house was dark. I hollered "where are you" from the dark love seat in the living room I hear "I am over here waiting for you." Willing to snuggle a little after 14 hours in the car I go and sit next to him and lay my head on his chest.As soon as I put my ear to his chest I could hear his heart. It was dark and quiet and I told him i could hear his heart beating. He replied, "It is beating for you." My quick response in total Rhonda fashion was, " That was extra cheesy"
He started laughing which is one of the nicest things in our relationship is that we totally laugh with each other.
we get back to snuggle mode and he starts talking to me. Telling me how much he loved me and how he was so glad god had brought me into his life. Sadly because I was so tired and had already been talking with him all weekend about lovey stuff I do not remember the exact thing he said except one part.
I for a while and when I met him, while in Chula Vista, I had a little daters quote on my wall to make sure I was not just jumping at any guy who bought me candy. it says, "When dating the search is not for someone you can live with, it is for someone you CAN'T live without!" this little sign was a good help for several years now to evaluate how realistic some relationships or potential relationships were. Well while we are sitting together he says to me " Rhonda I can't live with out you!" this got me excited just from remembering the sign and knowing he paid attention, BUT then, he pulled out a box.
He opened it up and *Bling* literally from the inside it gleams open, there was a light in the box and the dark room really made it shine. I was so excited and surprised. He asked me, "Will you marry me!"
I think the first thing outta my mouth when he opened the box was "Oh my Gosh" but then I made sure I said YES. I was excited and overwhelmed, but I fell bad when I watch someone ask and she starts crying and freaking out and forgets to answer. So after I made my required response I started to freak. I cried and hugged him and kissed him. I think we hugged for like 3 minutes straight.
Eventually I calmed down enough to let him get the ring out of the cool box and put it on my finger. That was kinda surreal. I never thought I would be where I am now. I thought I would be happy single aunt Rhonda, but God obviously had other plans and all you that wanna say I told you so about meeting someone in San Diego, i get it I have heard it at least 6 times.
I am happy to be marrying Brian and am so glad he is in my life.
This is my story I almost immediately called my parents then updated my blog and my space and then texted half the people I knew. I was so exhausted the next day but God gave me the adrenaline to keep it going.
If you want his side of the story check out His blog. ta ta!

Monday, June 25, 2007


and YES!
Were two words that I uttered when Brian asked me tonight to marry him.

Here is the extreme close up