Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feelin geek.. I mean great!

Most of you know I am married to a geek and a computer wiz. 
I am not a wiz in such areas, partially why God lead me into animal care.


Brian's Grandma just called, and like 90 percent of the time when family calls, she had a computer problem.
Brian was not home and was not at work to ask over AIM for any help.

upon discovering this she asked if I knew anything about computers. I said a little, but in my head I figured I probably knew more than his grandma did so it was at least worth listening.

My first instinct was to hang up with her and call him for the answer after she described her problem.

Instead me little wife to the geek gave it a chance and did a little tinkering and I not only diagnosed the problem correctly but within 2 minutes was able to assist his 75 year old grandma is fixing the issue!!

I think this is a great moment in geek wife-dom. I litterally want to jump up and down, I am so proud of myself.