Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have become one...

I guess we are at least seeming that way to those around us. This morning I was discussing work events with Brian and a common thread emerged.
I was telling him how everyone at work (the zoo) refer to me as the computer whiz mostly because of my husbands knowledge and ability and the bit that has rubbed off on me.
Turns out that at his Job, (the computer geek central) he has been labeled as the animal info guy.
It is interesting at how on both sides we have been seen as having the skills of our spouse. I guess we are rubbing off on each other more than we realized.
I honestly get a little chuckle out of the whole situation. I also am thankful that I am not married to a sewage technician, since that is not nearly as cool to share info about with those around you.

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